Does Chrome LC Need To Make A Permanent Change In Goal?

Photo Credit: Nick Schreder                                                                                                                               

Through five weeks of the inaugural Premier Lacrosse League season every team has won at leas two games, except for Chrome LC. They are sitting at the bottom of the league with an 0-5 record.

While they are 0-5 they are certainly much better than their record shows. They just have a tendency to get down early, mount an impressive comeback, and then blow it in the fourth quarter or in overtime. That trend is killing them each game and they just can’t seem to get out thus rut.

Chrome has lost by a combined six goals. That means they have lost each game by one goal except in week four when thy lost by two to Whipsnakes LC.

One of the biggest issues that has contributed to this drought has been how poorly the Chrome defense has played at times. Their whole defensive unit has just bee atrocious, having too many lapses and breakdowns each game. Where they especially struggle is in transition and unsettled situations. They haven’t been able to get back fast enough or recover when a guy gets beat 1-on-1 in the 6v6.

While defense is a unit and the whole defense has to take responsibility for their own loses, the whole unit does start and finish with the goalie position. That position must be on Chrome head coach Dom Starsia’s mind leading up to week six as he may have a big decision to make over the next few days.

That decision may be to bench John Galloway and name Brett Queener the starting goalie for at least a week or two, if not the rest of the season. That question is on the mind of many after Galloway was pulled following a terrible first half performance, giving up 7 goals.

Queener came in at the start of the second quarter and played phenomenal the rest of the game, making 15 saves. His performance really gave Chrome a much needed spark of confidence that was seen at both ends. The biggest are of impact was obviously on the defensive end. The Chrome defense just looked much more calm and in sync when Queener was in cage as opposed to the scrambling that was seen in the first quarter.

While the goalie isn’t the source of all good things that can happen on the field, Queener’s presence in cage seemed to really effect the entire vibe of the team and helped aid them in their comeback. His performance was so impressive that fans started chanting “Queener, Queener” throughout the game, especially after he did his signature move taking the ball up the field to help jumpstart the offensive transition.

While things did turn out in another loss, they looked much improved and more calm when Queener was in cage. It was a big difference and everyone watching could see first hand how big of an impact that change made on the game.

If just putting in Queener for three quarters makes that big of a difference, then why not try and make him the starter for at least a week or two. It may not guarantee a win but at this point anything is worth trying for Dom Starsia and his staff. The Chrome are desperate for win and they just may need to try everything until they get one.

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