Rookie Chris Aslanian Proving His Worth With The Outlaws

Photo Courtesy of Denver Outlaws/MLL                                                                                                         

The Denver Outlaws currently sit atop the MLL standings with a 5-1 record through six and a half weeks of the season. While Denver has a very stout defense, their offense has been extremely consistent early in the season as well. 

Denver certainly has no shortage of offensive star power with  players like Zach Currier and John Grant Jr, but rookie Chris Aslanian may be one of the most crucial pieces of the Outlaws offense. The Hobart product’s game has somewhat evolved in just a few moths from college to pro.

No longer “The Guy’ for his team, a new role and higher caliber options on all sides have certainly contributed to Aslanian’s development early in his pro career. Aslanian may have been known more for his goal scoring ability at Hobart, but with the Outlaws he has evolved into more of an elite passing threat more than a pure goal scorer. 

Aslanian seems to always be a step ahead of the defense with his ability to see plays develop before anyone else. He has been a backbone of sorts for the Outlaws with his insane feeding ability. The rookie can make cross field passes on dime, find a cutter when working behind the cage at ‘X’, and keep the ball progressing in transition. He simply makes a difference. 

While Aslanian’s passing game is next level, the rookie is still a fantastic scorer who can get it done from all over the field. While not unleashed every game, Aslanian is a sharpshooter who can send bombs from up top and in the mid-range. As an X attackman, Aslanian also has the ability to blow by his defender, get to the cage, and finish inside.

His ability as a feeder is what many have seen during his first six games in the MLL, but it’s his versatility that allows him to fit him into that Denver offensive system so well. They can count on Aslanian to do whatever they need that particular game or in that moment. With his ability to be an elite passer and shooter he can contribute in many ways, aiding his team to the fullest. 

Through six games Aslanian has tallied 16 points (10G,6A). Most recently, Aslanian tallied 5 points (2G,3A) to help Denver in their comeback 14-13 win at home over Chesapeake on July 4th.

Aslanian is a pure offensive threat and as his game progresses as a pro he can only get better. Justing being a rookie, Aslanian has plenty of time to develop even more and become a consistent threat in this league for years to come. 

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