Captains And Players For The 2019 PLL All Star Game Announced

Photo Courtesy of PLL                                                                                                                                         

The Premier Lacrosse League has announced the list of forty four players that will make up the two All Star teams for the 2019 All-Star Game on July 21st in Los Angeles, CA. 

Over the past week, fans were able to cast their votes for who they thought should be an all star. The two players that garnered the most votes were Trevor Baptiste and Matt Rambo. Those two will be the captain for their respective team.

Redwoods and Whipsnakes have the most players in the All Star game with ten while Chaos has nine. Atlas has seven players in the All Star game while Archers has five players. Chrome has the least amount of players in the All Star game with only three. 

Players Selected: 


Blaze Riorden – Chaos

Jack Concannon – Atlas

Kyle Bernlohr – Whipsnakes

Tim Troutner – Redwoods


Tom Schreiber – Archers

Paul Rabil – Atlas

Mike Chanenchuk – Whipsnakes

Myles Jones – Chaos

Joe Walters – Redwoods

Kyle Harrison – Redwoods

Jake Froccaro – Chaos

Sergio Perkovic – Redwoods

Jake Bernhardt – Whipsnakes

Ned Crotty – Chrome

Connor Buczek – Atlas

Sergio Salcido – Redwoods

Mark Glicini – Chaos

Ty Warner – Whipsnakes

Drew Snider – Whipsnakes


Kyle Hartzell – Atlas

Scott Ratliff – Archers

Michael Ehrhardt – Whipsnakes


Garrett Epple – Redwoods

Matt McMahon – Archers

Tucker Durkin – Atlas

Matt Dunn – Whipsnakes

Brodie Merrill – Chaos

Matt Landis – Redwoods

Bryce Young – Whipsnakes

Jarrod Neumann – Chaos


Matt Rambo – Whipsnakes

Ryan Drenner – Whipsnakes

Jules Heningburg – Redwoods

Matt Kavanagh – Redwoods

Marcus Holman – Archers

Will Manny – Archers

Ryan Brown – Atlas

Connor Fields – Chaos

Miles Thompson – Chaos

Justin Guterding – Chrome

Jordan Wolf – Chrome

Josh Byrne – Chaos


Trevor Baptiste – Atlas

Greg Gurenlian – Redwoods

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