NLL Expansion Draft Recap: Shawn Evans Selected First Overall

Photo Courtesy of Inside Lacrosse                                                                                                                    

The NLL Expansion draft was held on Tuesday afternoon as the Rochester Knighthawks and New York Riptide took the first step to put their teams together for the upcoming 2019-2020 season. 

During the NLL finals a coin toss was conducted to determine who would get the first pick in both the entry draft and the expansion draft. In the expansion draft each team got eleven selections (one per round) as 22 players in total were selected. Also, each existing team could only lose a two players before they were maxed out. 

Full Expansion Draft Results: 

Round 1

1. Rochester – Shawn Evans

2. New York – Jordan Durston 

Round 2

1. Rochester – Holden Cattoni

2. New York – John Ranagan

Round 3 

1. Rochester – Ryan Hartley, G

2. New York – Connor Kelly

Round 4 

1. Rochester – Shane Simpson 

2. New York – Dan MacRae

Round 5 

1. Rochester – Curtis Knight 

2. New York – Jeff Cornwall 

Round 6 

1. Rochester – Dan Litner

2. New York – Kieran McArdle

Round 7 

1. Rochester – Franky Brown 

2. New York Mike Manley

Round 8 

1. Rochester – Matthew Bennett 

2. New York – Dawson Theede

Round 9 

1. Rochester – Steve Fryer

2. New York – Tyler Digby

Round 10 

1. Rochester – Chris Wardle*

2. New York – Alex Buque

Round 11 

1. Rochester – Brandon Goodwin 

2. New York – Jean-Lu Chetner 


* Chris Wardle was traded back to Colorado in exchange for Julian Garritano and Mike Mallory.

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