Dylan Molloy Leads New York Past Boston

Photo Courtesy of New York Lizards                                                                                                                

The New York Lizards used a huge second half performance to take down the Boston Cannon 15-12 on Thursday afternoon. The Lizards put on an impressive display at both ends, especially in the second half, to secure the win. 

While it was a full team effort from New York that ultimately led them to victory Dylan Molloy seemed to be leading the charge for New York’s offense as he was the leader all game long. 

The star-studded attackman was really able to set the tone for the Lizards offense in the first half when their effort as a team was lacking. Molloy was able to do his thing, using his body to get pressure the defense and get quality looks on cage.

Molloy really set the tone for the rest of the offense as the entire unit seemed to follow his lead. He was able to get looks all over the field, converting from inside and out on the wings. 

While Molloy started the second half with maybe the best goal of the game he started to draw more attention, thus becoming more of a facilitator. Molloy was able to get it done as a passer, setting guys up and being the catalyst for plays in the six on six set.

He also did a lot of those little gritty things that really impact the game and boost a teams momentum. Molloy was hustling after ground balls, riding hard, and even drew multiple penalties which gave his team a man-up opportunity in return. 

Molloy ended the game with four goals and three ground balls as he helped lead the Lizards to victory. 

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