PLL Trade Window: Who Needs To Makes Moves?

Photo Courtesy of Archers LC                                                                                                                            

It’s the halfway point of the season and the full picture of each team is starting to look much clearer. Some teams have had a successful first half of the season and some teams haven’t. Many are looking at some of those struggling teams to possibly make moves before the PLL Trade Window closes at 4PM ET on July 22nd. 

So far, there has not been too much movement in terms of trades. While the Jules Heningburg trade was obviously huge, there hasn’t been any “blockbuster” trades since then, and none are really expected. 

Here are a few teams that could possibly make some moves before the trade deadline: 

Archers LC 

Archers LC has been somewhat of a disappointing team thus far. They have two of the top three scorers in the league but only average a 10.5 points per game, a league low. While they have all this offensive firepower and are dominate in the six-on-six they just can’t seem to put it together and create the wins. Limited possessions, poor transition, and other things have all played into this. 

There are a few players that many look at as “tradeable” on this Archers team. The most obvious and high-profile trade would be to send Kevin Rice to one of the other five clubs. While Rice is a dominate presence he just hasn’t seemed to fit into this offense. It’s almost as if all three attackman have too much of the same style which has led to turnovers and less than stellar production. 

In addition, It wouldn’t be crazy if the Archers tried to acquire another faceoff man via trade. Stephen Kelly hasn’t been good at all and it may just be about time for his time to be up as a member of Archers, or at least get benched. Archers also have Brendan Fowler and Jerry Ragonese on their roster but neither have seen playing time as of yet. 

Chrome LC

While it took them six weeks to get their first win of the season, Chrome LC has finally started to come around. Their offense is finally working the way we all though they could and goalie play has improved with a few changes over the past few weeks.

Things are looking good on each end but the defense still isn’t all the way there yet. Chrome may just be one piece away from completing a rope unit that can be very dangerous. Joe Fletcher did hold Connor Fields to one goal, but was out the very next week. With that kind of movement throughout the defense it’s hard to gain any traction as a unit. 

Chrome need to find a “guy” on defense that they can label as a cornerstone and build around. While the trade market may not give them an all-star caliber player, there are certainly teams out there that could be willing to make a deal as the trade deadline draws closer.

Atlas LC

Atlas LC has a lot of star power on their offense with Paul Rabil, Connor Buczek, Eric Law, and others, but they haven’t always been the most productive. A lot of their offensive woes can be attributed to their lack of ball movement and trying to force shots early on instead of trying to get set and work the offense. 

This Atlas team needs to make a move somewhere in that offense to get primary feeder that can really set the offense and work the ball around instead of everyone trying to force shots, especially from the midfield. As much as they would hate to lose him, Chris Cloutier could likely be a player they could trade for an asset. There are also a few other guys at attack and midfield that Atlas could look at dealing as well. 

While Atlas has made improvements, they could still benefit very much from making a move to add just a little extra juice to that offense, especially in the passing game. 


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