PLL All-Star Game: Top Plays

Photo Courtesy of Premier Lacrosse League                                                                                                  

 Team Baptiste edged Team Rambo 17-16 to win the inaugural PLL All-Star Game. Things came right down to the wire as Will Manny scored the game winning goal with just 55 seconds left in the game. 

Just like every all-star game, the PLL All-Star game presented fans with jaw dropping play after jaw dropping play. Here are some of the very best plays that we saw in the 2019 PLL All-Star game. 

Paul Rabil Around The World Pass To Will Manny

Of all the fantastic plays that were made in the PLL All-Star Game this one might just top them all. Paul Rabil threw an insane around the world pass to Will Manny for the dip and dunk finish. This one is certainly Sports Center Top 10 worthy!

Matt Rambo Air Gait!

In the third quarter Matt Rambo decided to go full on Chef Rambo and cooked some vintage Gary Gait. The only thing that made this play better was the fact that Gary Gait was in attendance for the game. 

Blaze Riorden Scores With a Short Stick

A goalie in field but a forward in box, Blaze Riorden picked up his short stick and played some offense for Team Rambo. Riorden ended up scoring two goals, including this one, before finishing the game in cage. 

Ryan Drenner Dip and Dunk

Scott Ratliff threw a textbook bounce pass to Ryan Drenner who then faked out Blaze Riorden, dunking it right over top. 

Jordan Wolf Throws A Plethora Of Fakes

While the ride was impressive enough, Jordan Wolf put an exclamation point on the play after throwing a plethora of fakes. 

Mike Chanenchuck Pulls Up From Downtown

It’s not rare to see Mike Chanenchuck pull up from beyond the two-point arc as he leads the PLL in two-point goals. However, he pulled up from Santa Monica on this one in transition. 


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