Redwoods LC Win The PLL Trade Window

Photo Credit: Alex McIntyre                                                                                                                               

The PLL Regular Season Trade Window has officially closed after being open from June 17th at 4PM ET to July 22nd at 4PM ET. During this time clubs could trade players as well as draft picks.

While pro lacrosse doesn’t usually produce monumental power balances or shifts due to trades, the PLL Trade Window was very interesting indeed, and for more reasons than just fans getting accustomed to how trades will work in the PLL.

The trade of the year was made just a few hours into the PLL Trade Window being open as Whipsnakes LC traded all-star attackman Jules Heningburg to Redwoods LC in exchange for defenseman Alec Tullett and a 4th-round pick in the 2020 draft. 

That trade alone won the PLL Trade Window for Redwoods. Acquire Heningburg immediately improved their offense in various ways. It also resulted in wins as they are 3-0 since making the trade. 

While Redwoods already had a solid offense with Matt Kavanagh, Clarke Petterson, Joe Walters, Sergio Salcido, and others Heningburg brought a new dimension into the picture. The all-star attackman gave them a primary dodging threat that they had been missing and very much needed. 

In addition, Redwoods beefed up their attack line even more after acquiring Wes Berg in a trade with Chrome LC a few weeks later. With Berg, Redwoods added not only another option, but a threat inside and in the transition game. 

Because of the trades that head coach Nat St. Laurent was willing to make the Redwoods offense has been the most improved of any team in the league. They have gone from more of a 6v6 set style offense to a unit that can be dangerous in numerous ways. 

It is pretty clear that these moves have helped translate to wins and St. Laurent deserves the title of “smartest coach in the PLL” because of it. 

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