CLA History: The Presidents Cup

Photo Credit: Tim Prothero                                                                                                                                

As summer starts to wind down so does the summer box season across Canada, and that means that the Canadian Lacrosse Association (CLA) national championships are on the horizon.

This year, I wanted to take a dive into the history of each of the four CLA National Championships that will take place from August through September. After looking at the history of the Founders Cup and Minto Cup, we move onto the Presidents Cup which is the championship for Senior “B”.

Off all the CLA National Championships, the Presidents Cup is one of the youngest, if not the youngest, championship in Canada. First started in 1964, the Presidents Cup hasn’t always been just Senior “B”, and has also seen multiple trophies used as well. 

The actual Presidents Cup trophy has changed since the beginnings. The original trophy was the Castrol Oil Presidents Cup and was used from 1964-1971. The second trophy was in use from 1972-1995. Both cups have now been donated to the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame. 

In 1996, the current Presidents Cup trophy was donated by the Iroquois Lacrosse Association and the 1995 Presidents Cup champions, Akwesasne Thunder. That trophy has been in use from 1996 and is still being used today. 

The Presidents Cup originally saw all senior teams be eligible for the tournament, not just Senior “B” teams like it is today. The first team to win the Presidents Cup was Ohsweken Warriors in 1964. Also, the only two teams that put together a three-peat in the pre-Senior “B” days were the Vernon Tigers (1976-1978) and the Fergus Thistlers (1986-1988).  

In terms of most championships, the Fergus Thistlers out of Ontario holds the record for most Presidents Cup championships with six. Today, the St. Albert Miners are a dynasty, winning each of the last three Presidents Cup championships. 

Now days, The Presidents Cup features the host team, Can-Am Senior B League champions, OSBLL (Ontario) champions, PGLL (Saskatchewan) champions, QSLL (Quebec) champions, RMLL (Alberta) champions, Three Nations Lacrosse League champions, and WCSLA (British Columbia) champions. 

The 2019 Presidents will be hosted by the Kahnawke Mohawks on Kahnawke Mohawks territory in Quebec from August 26th – September 1st. The Saskatoon Brewers (PGLL champs) and Kahnawke Mohawks (Host) are the only two teams to qualify thus far. 


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