Whipsnakes LC Can Secure Playoff Berth This Weekend

Photo Courtesy of Premier Lacrosse League                                                                                                  

As it sits today, Whipsnakes LC tops the PLL standings with a 5-1 record. This weekend they have the opportunity to make history and become this first team to clinch a playoff berth. 

Whipsnakes have been able to pull out wins, especially one-goal wins, all season long, but this game might be their greatest test thus far. They will have to defeat Chaos LC for the second time this season if they want to secure that playoff berth this weekend. 

Chaos will be a little shorthanded with only Connor Fields and Matt Bocklet dressing at attack, but they have a few options to fill that third attack spot. Also, their midfield unit can certainly pick up the slack if the attack does start to struggle with that loss of depth. 

In week one these two teams went head to head for the time, and Whipsnakes won in overtime as Matt Rambo came off a razor pick and found Drew Snider wide open for the game-winner. The matchup this weekend is expected to be just as close, and likely closer throughout the entire game. 

While the Whipsnakes offense needs to be dialed in and not allow the Chaos defense to rattle them, allowing the Chaos’ signature transition offense to spark, their defense needs to be just as effective.

The Whipsnakes defensive unit led by Tim Mueller, Bryce Young, Michael Ehrhardt, and others needs to take advantage of the Chaos’ missing depth at attack and limit them as much as possible. In addition, they will also need the effort of Ty Warner and other SSDM’s to slip through picks and shut off the Chaos’ cutters that they send from the midfield. 

If Whipsnakes can limit the Chaos offense as much as possible and get their defense to spark transition as they have done in the past they will have a very good chance at securing this win and become the first team in PLL history to clinch a playoff berth. 

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