Warriors Re-Sign Aaron Bold

Photo Courtesy of Vancouver Warriors                                                                                                           

The Vancouver Warriors have re-signed veteran goalie Aaron Bold after just one season with the franchise. Bold came over to Vancouver from New England during free agency last summer. 

A 14-year veteran, Bold didn’t have his best season last year as he did end up splitting a lot time with Eric Penny,  but Bold still went out each night and left it all on the floor. He made 355 saves with a .767 save percentage last season. He will still be a huge piece to the Warriors’ defense this season no matter if he becomes a full-time starter again or not. 

Prior to his arrival in Vancouver, Bold payed one season in New England. Before that he was with the Rush franchise for six seasons, playing in both Edmonton and Saskatchewan. Bold has also spent time in Rochester, San Jose, and Portland during his career. 

Bold has a career total of 4,843 saves with a .770 save percentage. In addition, he has a career goals against average of 10.714. 

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