Dallas’ Offense Finally Putting The Pieces Together

Photo Courtesy of Dallas Rattlers                                                                                                                      

The Dallas Rattlers started the season with a seven game losing streak, and with an average goal differential of 3.2. The Rattlers clearly showed that they were capable of winning, but continued to have breakdowns that they just could not recover from, especially in the second half. 

Finally, the Rattlers secured their first victory in week seven, beating the Denver Outlaws 11-8 on the road. It was a momentum boosting win for the Rattlers and gave them a ton of energy heading into the All-Star break. They were able to squeak out another win in Atlanta on Saturday, beating the Blaze 16-14 in a contest that came down to the final minutes. 

While many factors can be attributed to the Rattlers’ recent success, the way their offense has transformed and gotten impressible better from week-to-week has been one of the biggest. They are no longer wasting possessions, looking out of sync, or killing a play in transition before it even gets started. The Dallas offense has indeed looked much improved over the past few weeks. 

The Rattlers’ offense looks much more poised and settled than they did early in the season, and they are moving the ball more efficently and with a purpose. Also, the addition of midfielder Adam Osika helped them out tremendously. 

Since being traded to Dallas from Chesapeake a few weeks back, Osika has really aided in settling down this young Rattlers offense and making keep the plethora of rookies and second-year players in check. Osika is able to get a touch and calm the offense, allowing plays to develop much more naturally instead of forcing it.

In addition, attackman Bryce Wasserman and LSM Eli Salama have both stepped up and continued to improve in recent weeks. Wasserman has really been an initiator from behind the cage, using his speed to create separation and set himself or a teammate up for a great look on cage. Salama has been deadly in transition all year, but over the past few weeks he has taken it to the next level. The British Columbia native is much more crisp in his passing and has taken much more time to let things develop, allowing their transition to be much more effective and reduce the silly mistakes. 

The Rattlers have also seen massive contributions, and improvement, from rookies Jake Seau, Bradley Voigt and Lucas Wittenberg, as well. All three have really been able to provide a spark at times and help lead this Dallas offense in some way or another.

This is a Dallas team that now knows how to win and play through a full game. While the youth of this team can still cause them troubles at times, they have minimized their mistakes and finally started to put all the pieces all together, especially on the offensive end. 

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