MLL Standouts: Week Ten

Photo Courtesy of Denver Outlaws                                                                                                                   

Week ten of the MLL season presented three games that all took place on Saturday night. In addition, all three games were fairly close as well. 

In week ten, the Atlanta Blaze defeated the Boston Cannons 14-13 in a game that ended up going right down to the wire, the Dallas Rattlers beat the New York Lizards 15-11 to continue their winning streak, and the Chesapeake Bayhawks defeated the Denver Outlaws 12-9. 

Here are some players that really stood out during week ten of the MLL season. 


In Atlanta’s win over Boston Tommy Palasek absolutely took the reigns and was The Guy for the Blaze offense on Saturday night.

Palasek was the initiator as he was able to get the job done in a multitude of ways, and really help lead his team to victory. With Austin Staats still out and Mark Matthews as a primary distributor Palasek took on a bit of a different role, but he was still able to thrive and put together one of his best performances this season. 

Palasek ended the game with two goals and four assist, totaling six points in the win. 


After going down with an injury in week nine, Boston Cannon’s Defenseman/LSM Ryland Rees was back in the lineup this week and made his presence very well known. 

The rookie out of Stony Brook continued his impressive season, flying all over the field and causing havoc like usual. He stepped up as an on-ball defender and helped aid the Cannon’s transition which helped them comeback in the second half. 

In the loss, Rees scooped up three ground balls and had two caused turnovers. 


Chesapeake goalie Niko Amato was his usual self in their win over Denver, having himself another great performance.

Amato really helped anchor the Bayhawks defense, making save after save all game. He ended the game with 14 saves off of 22 shots on goal. 

Specialist Of The Week

Even with the loss, there was a very bright spot for the Denver Outlaws this past weekend against Chesapeake. 

That bright spot was the play of faceoff man Max Adler. He absolutely dominated the faceoff dot, winning 23-of-24 draws. Adler’s only loss was a violation on the first faceoff of the game. 


In Dallas’ win over New York it was rookie Bradley Voigt that really led the way for the Rattlers’ offense. Since being signed by Dallas a few weeks back Voigt has been nothing short of amazing, but this past weekend was his best game yet in the MLL. 

The rookie out of Syracuse absolutely dominated, breaking down the New York defense and scoring at will. Voigt ended the game with four goals and one assist, totaling five points in the win. 



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