Whipsnakes LC Looking For Playoff Berth In Week Nine

Photo Courtesy of Premier Lacrosse League                                                                                                  

Following loses in each of the last two weeks Whipsnakes LC is still looking for a playoff berth, and all need in just one win. Again, they can clinch a playoff berth this weekend with a win just like they failed to do in the past two weeks. 

This week, Whipsnakes will face Redwoods LC in Hamilton, Ontario where they will look to finally put it all together for a full sixty minutes and claim that playoff berth that they have been searching for. 

Whipsnakes will be facing a Redwoods team that handed them their first loss of the season back in week five. In that game, both teams went back-and-forth trading big runs throughout the game. Kyle Harrison scored the game-winner for Redwoods in the final minutes of the game. 

This week should be a similar matchup as both teams play a similar style, getting a lot of production in their 6v6 sets on offense. For Whipsnakes to win their defense will need to step up once again and not allow their offense to get hot. Also, Whipsnakes will be looking to get things settled down and let thing develop on the offensive side of the ball. They will also need more consistent production from Matt Rambo in addition to their other top guys like Mike Chanechuck and Ryan Drenner. 

Redwoods have a very stout defense with Matt Landis helping to lead the charge and Tim Troutner holding it down in cage. Where they really need to find their stride is on the offensive end. Redwoods haven’t been as productive over the past few weeks as they were prior to the all star break. It’s crucial that Jules Heningburg, Ryder Garnsey, Sergio Salcido, Sergio Perkovic, and other show up big time if they want any chance at winning this game. 

In addition to Whipsnakes playoff clinching scenario, Redwoods and Archers LC need at least two wins to clinch. Atlas LC needs to win two games and have Redwoods or Archers lose 1 game and have higher score differential than both. Chrome LC had to win 2 games, beat Atlas and Redwoods and have higher score differential than both, Redwoods lose to Whipsnakes Week 9. 

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