Brett Queener To Appeal One-Game Suspension From PLL


Chrome LC goalie Brett Queener will appeal the PLL’s decision to suspend him for one-game following the incident that took place in Chrome’s game against Redwoods LC on Saturday. 

In an Instagram post, Queener said, “I am disappointed in the PLL decision to suspend me for 1 game. I will be appeal this decision. I have watched the video of the play and realize the optics of it. If you have ever played professional sports then you understand how fast things happen on the field. This was a bang-bang play and I made a mistake. It was an accidental high hit and nothing more than that. My shaft initially hit his [Jules Heningburg] shoulder and slid up into his neck. My stepping over him after the play, was all due to balance and I was picking up my broken stick. I did not taunt or say anything to Jules at that moment.”

The PLL announced on Tuesday that they would be handing Queener a one-game suspension and a fine for what they called “dangerous, unsportsmanlike behavior,” according to the league’s statement via Twitter. 

In Saturday’s game, Queener was given eight total minutes of penalties following the egregious hit that knocked Heningburg out of the game with a concussion and the brawl that ensued between the two clubs. Queener did go back in and finished the game after serving his penalty minutes. 

Redwoods went on to blowout Chrome 18-7 in Saturday’s contest, securing a spot in the playoffs. Chrome finished the regular season last in the standings and will be playing for the first overall draft pick in 2020 along with Atlas LC.

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