The Rattlers’ Streak: A Game-By-Game Breakdown

Photo Courtesy of Dallas Rattlers                                                                                                                      

The Dallas Rattlers’ seemingly unthinkable winning streak has come to an end with their 11-10 home loss against the New York Lizards on Saturday night. The hottest streak in sports may be dead, but not forgotten. 

Until Saturday, Dallas enjoyed sis straight wins that saw their team as a whole really come together, mature, and start to play some of the best and smartest lacrosse of any team in the MLL. Let’s take a trip back and look at each of those wins during Dallas’ streak that was. 

July 21st: Dallas 11, Denver 8

It was the upset of the season as the Dallas Rattlers took down the defending champions Denver Outlaws, snapping their seven-game losing streak and starting their six-game winning streak. 

The Rattler’s defense had their best game to date, holding their opponent to single digits for the first and only time this season. Also, rookie goalie Sean Sconone made 20 saves and solidified himself as the primary starter. 

Aug. 3rd: Dallas 16, Atlanta 14

The Rattlers were able to pull out a close one on the road in Atlanta against a red hot offense to secure their second win of the season and really start to turn some heads. 

Dallas’ offense struck early and kept them alive, despite Atlanta being able to get plenty of possessions with Alex Woodall going 26-33 at the faceoff dot. Bryce Wasserman had one of the best games of his career, tallying seven points (5G/2A) to lead the Rattlers’ to victory. 

Aug. 10th: Dallas 15, New York 11

Following this win, you could officially call it a streak. The Rattlers secured their first home win of the season against New York to push the win streak to three games. 

Rookie Bradley Voigt took the New York Lizards’ defense by the tail and threw them around every which way as he unloaded six points (4G/2A) to help lead Dallas to victory. Also, it was another great performance for the Dallas defense and their offense really started to show their depth of scoring. 

Aug 17th: Dallas 17, Denver 12

Denver would not find the revenge they were looking for as Dallas kept their streak alive with the 17-12 win. 

With Jack Curran leading the way, Dallas outplayed Denver in pretty much every aspect of the game. While Curran was the Man in this game for the Dallas offense, Ryan McNamara and others also contributed heavily, as well. Again, Dallas just looked like the better team and played smarter against the defending champs. 

Aug. 24th: Dallas 13, Boston 10

Going on the road against the top team in the league is never easy, but Dallas survived and proved all the hater wrong. 

The Rattlers showed that they knew how to win close games and that their two-goal win over Atlanta was no fluke. Dallas didn’t win in every category, but the contributions they got from Bradley Voigt and Jack Curran gave them a huge boost against a tough Boston defense. 

Aug. 25th: Dallas 14, Chesapeake 13

On the road in their second game in as many days, Dallas showed everyone what they are made of as they came from behind and exploded in the fourth to secure the win. 

In addition to the offensive depth they showed, Jake Pulver and the Dallas defensive unit stepped up big time once more. They held Lyle Thompson to just two goals, even with Sconone not having his best performance in goal.

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