Three Keys For A Chaos LC Championship Run

Photo Courtesy of Premier Lacrosse League                                                                                                  

It’s playoff time and the chase for the PLL Crown gets underway this weekend with the first round going down in Columbus, Ohio. Chaos LC, Whipsnakes LC, Archers LC, and Redwoods LC are all in the championship bracket competing for the crown and the right to be called champions in the inaugural season of the league. 

Chaos LC comes into the playoffs after finishing the regular season 7-3, claiming the title of regular season champions, and being the fan favorite for a good portion of the season. Here are just three keys that they will need to hone in on if they want to make a run in the playoffs and secure the inaugural PLL Crown. 

1. Play The Chaos Style

The unique style of play that the Chaos have is – well – chaotic. From their wild and effective transition sequences, fast paced 6 v 6 offensive sets, and ripping bombs from beyond the two-point arc, Chaos play fast and aggressive for a full sixty minutes. 

Coming into the playoffs they need to maintain that and not get away from what has been working all season long. Connor Field, Jarrod Neumann, Blaze Riorden, and Myles Jones, among others, all have to be just as efficient as they have been all season. When Chaos has gotten out of sync its not pretty, especially when their transition is lacking and starts to produce a heap of turnovers. 

2. Utilize Offensive Depth

Chaos has one of the most electrifying offenses in the league. With Connor Fields leading the charge at that ‘X’ attack spot, everything builds from him and their offense sometimes seems to go as he goes. When Fields gets shut down the ball can die in his stick which in turn can kill the entire offense. 

Coming into the playoffs they need to stretch out their offense and really use all the tools in the shed, not just that attack unit of Connor Fields, Miles Thompson, and Josh Byrne. Chaos has to utilize the dodging and feeding ability of Myles Jones, Jake Froccaro and others at the midfield position to utilize depth, share the sugar, and ultimately stretch the opposing defense and open up lanes inside. 

3. Control Possession

While having an edge in the possession game is a plus for any team, Chaos really needs to hone in on this if they want any shot at even sniffing the PLL Crown. Thomas Kelly isn’t the highest ranked faceoff man in the league statistically, going 51.9% at the dot in the regular season, but he has been able to dominate games at times to give Chaos plenty of extra possessions. 

If Kelly isn’t taking over, Chaos has a very strong defensive unit with Jack Rowlett, Brodie Merrill, and Jarrod Neumann leading the charge. Blaze Riorden can make big stops in cage which can neutralize poor faceoff play. In addition, having an insane SSDM like Mark Glicini who routinely gives up his body to block shots and does all the dirty work is very useful, as well. No matter who is making the noise in terms of defense, Chaos has to be able to get possession to work their offense like they have all season. 

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