Three Keys For A Redwoods LC Championship Run

Photo Courtesy of Premier Lacrosse League                                                                                                  

It’s playoff time and the chase for the PLL Crown gets underway this weekend with the first round going down in Columbus, Ohio. Chaos LC, Whipsnakes LC, Archers LC, and Redwoods LC are all in the championship bracket competing for the crown and the right to be called champions in the inaugural season of the league. 

Redwoods LC comes into the playoffs after finishing the regular season 5-5, annihilating Chrome in the final game of the season to help them secure a spot in the championship bracket. 

1. Defense Wins Championships

Led by Notre Dame alums, Garrett Epple, Matt Landis, Eddy Glazner, John Sexton, Jack Near, the Redwoods defense is one of the best in the business. This unit is big, aggressive, and has the ability to shut down any opposing offense, especially with Glazner in there acting as the mouth of this defense and the transition aspect that Larken Kemp and Brian Karalunas bring to the table.

Beyond the poles, Tyler Dunn, Brent Adams, Pat Harbeson, and multiple others are difference makers and frankly, Redwoods has the best SSDM unit in the league. When this defense puts all the puzzle pieces together from front to back and produces at the level they have been all season long this Redwoods team is tough to break.

2. Let The Offense Flow

The Redwoods offense has been progressing all season long, and they have really upgraded since trading for Jules Heningburg and acquiring Ryder Garnsey. This offense is deep, fiery, and anyone can take over at anytime. 

Redwoods needs to let this offense flow from the midfield through X or from X through the midfield. With threats like Heningburg and Matt Kavanagh at attack and Ryder Garnsey, Sergio Perkovic, and Sergio Salcido at midfield, Redwoods have the ability to initiate from more spots on the field than most teams. This offense needs to be able to just flow, do their thing, and not force bad shots. If they can do that then Redwoods has a chance to make a championship run. 

3. Solid goalie play

From his senior year at High Point to starting game one for Redwoods, Tim Troutner Jr. has been, arguably, one of the most consistent goalie on the planet in 2019. Despite allowing 17 goals in a week nine blowout loss against Whipsnakes, Troutner has been one of the best in the league. 

Redwoods will need Troutner to be on top of his game, shutting the door and helping to spark early offense. Solid and consistent goalie play usually translates to a calm and stout defense and can be a driving force behind wins, especially in the playoffs when the stakes are highest.


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