Whipsnakes LC Burns Chaos LC, Advance To Championship Game


Courtesy of Premier Lacrosse League                                                                                                              

Whipsnakes LC absolutely burned Chaos LC, exploding in the second quarter and never looking back. They took over on both ends of the field, pushed the issue in transition, and came out with the 15-7 win. 

It was a very defensive heavy battle early on in this contest, but both offenses slowly woke up. Chaos got the offense going with Dhane Smith and Connor Fields scoring two straight, giving Chaos an early 2-0 lead. Ben Reeves finally broke the ice for Whipsnakes, scoring in the final minute of the quarter after multiple possessions that saw Whipsnakes fail to create anything. 

Connor Fields found the back of the net once agin early in the second to help stretch the Chaos lead back out to two. The back-and-forth play ensued through the early part of the first with both sides taking shots at the other. Near the end of the second Whipsnakes found a heap of momentum that started with a Connor Kelly and grew into a four-goal run. Drew Snider, Joe Nardella, and Ben Reeves all scored for Whipsnakes during that run, as well. 

Leading 6-4 at the half, Whipsnakes continued their dominance, extending their run to nine goals to take a 14-4 lead into the fourth. In the third, Mike Chanechuck stepped up big with two two-point goals to really help push the lead even further. In addition, Whipsnakes dominated on the defensive end and in transition, disrupting Chaos any chance they had. 

In the fourth, Chaos finally got it together again but it was too late. Jake Froccaro scored twice and Dhane Smith found the back of the net once. Whipsnakes got the last goal of the game and walked away with the blowout win, advancing to the championship game in Philadelphia. Chaos will face Redwoods in the semifinals next week in New York. 

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