NCAA Approves Goal-Mouth Arc

USAFA Men's Lacrosse vs. University of Richmond
Photo Credit: Trevor Cokley/Air Force Athletics

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel has approved the addition of a goal-mouth arc within the crease to help make the rules and officiating of the “dive” much more clear. The recommendation was initially by the NCAA Rules Committee back in August. 

This new arc will extend six-feet from the center of the goal line to the goal lines extended on both sides of the goal. This new ruling is effective immediately with the 2020 season. 

According to the NCAA release, the ruling reads, “Offensive players are prohibited from jumping or diving then subsequently landing in the newly defined goal mouth. In addition, the penalty for initiating contact with the goalkeeper within the goal mouth will result in no goal and a one-minute penalty. Landing in the goal mouth without contacting the goalkeeper will result in no goal and loss of possession.”

This new “goal mouth” rule aims to clear up the mess that the “dive” created last season with inconsistent officiating of the rule and lack of clarity as to what the “goal mouth” actually pertained to. There were numerous instances where the offensive play dived and made contact with the goalie in some way and it was unclear whether he was pushed by a defensive player or not. 


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