Iroquois Escapes Late-Game USA Comeback

Photo Courtesy of WILC                                                                                                                                      

The Iroquois Nationals have never lost to the USA in the WILC, and while that streak looked like it could have been broken at times tonight Iroquois were able to escape an impressive late-game comeback from the USA. 

In addition, Iroquois star forward Lyle Thompson was out tonight due to an injury he sustained in their win over Israel on Thursday. His status moving forward and the extent of the injury is still unknown.

What really put Iroquois over the top was the multiple big time runs that they were able to put together, especially midway through the contest when they scored six unanswered goals from early in the second through late in the third, including an insane one-handed between-the-legs shot from Tehoka Nanticoke which lit the crowd on fire.

USA jumped out to an early 2-0 lead with Joe Resetartis and Adam Osika scoring just 23 seconds apart. While Tehoka Nanticoke got Iroquois on the board a few minutes later, USA came back once more with two goals from Blaze Riorden and Kieran McArdle. 

As Warren Hill and the Iroquois defense started to settle in and find their rhythm late in the first so did their offense. A four-goal run for the Iroquois help them to get ahead 4-5 with just over a minute left in the quarter. However, Kieran McArdle was able to tip toe his way through the defense with just seconds left and tie things up at 5 for USA.

Joe Resetartis put USA up 6-5 early in the second, but that would end up being the last bit of offensive production for the USA in the first half. The Iroquois got hot with Cody Jamieson finding the back of the net just seconds apart before Miles and Jerome Thompson ended the half with two more. 

While the third saw a to of defense early on, Warren Hill connected with Tehoka Nanticoke on an outlet pass which led to Tehoka’s insane one-handed between-the-legs goal that he just seemingly bounced right past Gowah Abrams. Following a Jordan Durston goal just moments later, Iroquois held a commanding 11-6 lead. 

USA started to climb back out of the very hole they had dug themselves after Cody Radziewicz ended their 16-minute scoring drought. With 1:11 on the clock Davey Emala cut the Iroquois lead to just 11-10, but the Iroquois defense was able to ward off the USA in the final minute to secure the win. 

The Iroquois were led by Cody Jamieson who put up six points (6G/6A) in the win. Tehoka Nanticoke also had four points (3G/1A) for the Iroquois, as well. Warren Hill made 48 saves off of 58 shots for a .828 save percentage. 

Joe Resetartis led the way for the USA with nine points (3G/6A) while Kieran MccArdle also tallied eight points (3G/5A). In net, Gowah Abrams made 37 saves off of 48 shots on net for a .771 save percentage. 

Iroquois will play England tomorrow while USA has a bye and will face England on Monday. 


4 thoughts on “Iroquois Escapes Late-Game USA Comeback

  1. huge wings fan here. zach higgins has never proven to be as a starter as he is coming off the bench. brandon miller is 2 years removed from nll action. gowah abrams looked ok last winter and has been a steady rock in goal this wilc. give the kid a legit shot at starting goalie!


    1. Agree. Abrams has shown he can be good. I think they will give Higgins a care shake as well just due to the fact that he has some starting experience from his time in Buffalo.


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