USA Wraps Up Pool Play With Decisive Victory Over England

Photo: Team USA                                                                                                                                                  

USA (2-2) wrapped up pool play with a very decisive victory over England (0-4) on Monday night. Both teams will advance to the championship bracket with USA advancing to the quarterfinals and England facing Finland in the first round. 

Having Matt Rambo, Connor Kelly, and Matt Dunn in the lineup after winning the PLL championship with Whipsnakes LC on Saturday really gave the USA a boost. USA’s offense finally had more depth and didn’t just have to rely on a few guys to carry the load like in previous contest. 

USA took no time getting started on the offensive end as Connor Kelly and Blaze Riorden each found the back of the net twice in the early portion of the first. While USA was buzzing, Dan Eckersall got England on the baodr midway through the first with a power-play goal. 

Things really started to turn in the USA’s favor as they went on a five-goal run from late in the first through early in the second. While England was able to score a short handed goal in transition and convert on the power-play late in the second, USA really dominated on both ends as they burned through the England defense and gave them trouble getting their offense set up and getting any good angles at all. 

With a running clock getting turned on midway though the third, USA was able to take a 18-3 lead into the third and added on a little more in the fourth to secure the 22-3 victory. 

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