WILC Day Nine Recap: Switzerland, Sweden, Mexico Finish Strong

Photo Courtesy of Vancouver Sports Photo/WILC                                                                                         

Day nine of the 2019 WILC saw places 15 through 20 be taken as the 15th, 17th, and 19th place games took place. 

In the 15th place game, Sweden was able to defeat Scotland by a score of 18-9 to secure a 15th place finish at the tournament while Scotland ends the tournament in 16th place. Sweden was able to go on multiple big runs in both halves to help secure the win, despite Scotland being able to answer and putting up a pretty decent fight.  

Sweden was led by Kevin Powers with 10 points (4G/6A) and Leif Paulson who tallied nine points (2G/7A) in the win. Cole Paciejewski led Scotland with six points (4G/2A) while Ian Vickers also had four points (1G/3A). In net, Richard Zeidlitz made 49 saves off of 58 saves shots on net for a .845 save percentage for Sweden. Dylan Cowman made 36 saves off of 53 shots on net for a .679 save percentage for Scotland. 

In the 17th place game, Switzerland defeated Hong Kong 16-14 in a very tightly contested matchup. This one was close the entire way, but Switzerland was able to pull away in the fourth quarter to secure the win and claim 17th place. Hong Kong finishes in 18th place after taking the loss in this one. 

Switzerland was led by Lukas Heri with nine points (6G/3A) while Hong Kong saw Evan Robert Ming-Yang Mok-Lamme lead the way with nine points (3G/6A). In net, Alexander Maier made 30 saves off of 44 shots on net for a .682 save percentage for Switzerland. Pok Man Choy made 16 saves off of 26 shots with a .615 save percentage for Hong Kong. 

Mexico Defeats Costa Rica to Claim 19th Place at WILC

Mexico defeated Costa Rica 4-10 to in their final game of the 2019 WILC to secure their first win and claim 19th place in the tournament. Costa Rica finishes in 20th place at the tournament. In a back-and-forth battle, Mexico was able to walk away with the win after being able to pull away late in the game. 

Mexico was led by Connor Simon with eight points (4G/4A) and Juan Contreas who put up seven points (3G/4A). For Costa Rica, Luis Alonso Acua Murillo led the way with six points (3G/3A) while Sean Panora also put up five points (2G/3A). In net, Manuel Chavez made 11 saves off of 22 shots on goal for a .500 save percentage for Mexico and Ivan Alejandro Rojas made 42 saves off of 56 shots for a .750 save percentage for Costa Rica.


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