Zach Currier: Chasing Rings, Chasing History

Photo Courtesy of Denver Outlaws/MLL                                                                                                         

Zach Currier wins championships. Plain and simple. The man is a winner and over 406 days has won more than any other lacrosse player this year. 

In those 406 days, Currier has won the NLL Cup with the Calgary Roughnecks, two Mann Cups with the Peterborough Lakers, the Steinfeld Cup (MLL Championship) with the Denver Outlaws, and most recently won the Cockerton Cup at the World Indoor Lacrosse Championship with Team Canada. 

That’s a lot of cups in just over one year. And what’s even crazier is that Currier has a chance to pick up another one this weekend with the Denver Outlaws in the MLL as they play in the semifinals on Friday in hopes of playing in the championship on Sunday.

So, if the Outlaws do win the 2019 MLL Championship that would mean Currier would have won six championships in 420 days.

Of course to win that many rings in such a short time you have to play a lot of lacrosse, as well. And while injuries and just simply resting guys are normal in professional and amateur sports, Currier hasn’t seen much of either. 

In the NLL last season, Currier played in all 22 games during the regular season and playoffs from early December through May 25th when he helped lead the Calgary Roughnecks to the NLL championship, hoisting the NLL Cup. 

This summer Currier played in 22 games during the MSL season and Mann Cup with the Peterborough Lakers, according to the MSL and Mann Cup stats. Also, he has played in 13 games with the Denver Outlaws in the MLL thus far.

At the World Indoor Lacrosse Championship last week with Team Canada, Currier played in four out of Canada’s six games. That brings Currier’s total number of games played from the NLL season until now to a staggering 61 games. That is a lot of lacrosse in eleven months. 

Currier is simply a beast at what he does. An all-around player in both field and box, and one of the toughest guys in the sport at the moment. The stretch that Currier is on has never been seen before and may never be seen again in the sport.

Sure, players like John Grant Jr. and Shawn Evans won multiple championships and MVP awards in the same year but never has a players won five championships in 406 days and had the opportunity to win four in the same calendar year like Currier does this weekend with the Denver Outlaws. It is truly historic in our sport and a feat unlike any other this game has seen. 


3 thoughts on “Zach Currier: Chasing Rings, Chasing History

  1. This is truly a very proud moment in my life as a grandpa (BUBBA) . To see you achieve this accomplishments is
    is an amazing feat. I can only be the proudest grandpa (BUBBA) . Love you.


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