Which NBA Team Is Each PLL Team Most Like?

(Photo Courtesy of Premier Lacrosse League)

With it being the one year anniversary of the PLL’s official announcement, dubbed PLL Day by the league, and the opening day of the 2019-20 NBA season, let’s take a look at which NBA team is each PLL team is most like. 

Archers LC

Los Angeles Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers just brought in Kawhi Leonard and Paul George over the offseason this year. Archers LC could create a similar dynamic with a chance to bring in two highly touted players next season with the first overall pick in 2020 and depending on if Pat Spencer comes after he finishes playing basketball at Northwestern. 

Also, just like past Clippers teams Archers LC has fallen short of expectations. Even with a stellar offense led by Will Manny, Marcus Holman, and Tom Schreiber they just couldn’t get it done. 

Atlas LC

Los Angeles Lakers

Beyond have the most powerful player in their respective sport on their roster, the Los Angeles Lakers and Atlas LC draw many comparisons. Yes, Paul Rabil is the Lebron James of lacrosse in terms of power and weight he has in the game. But also, these two teams both struggled and fell short of high expectations last season. 

However, Atlas showed signs of life late last season as they figured out how to move the ball and be so one dimensional. Also, Atlas LC is currently undergoing a coaching change this offseason as John Paul stepped down last week. Both of those things have been seen with the Lakers this offseason and preseason, as well. 

Chaos LC

Toronto Raptors

Not only does Chaos LC have the most Canadian and box lacrosse players on their roster, but they also have several players that don’t jump out at you as all-star caliber players but made names for themselves through their play last season. Guys like Mark Glicini and Jarrod Neumann jumped into the spotlight and some of the league’s best personalities last season. 

Similarly, the Raptors created a brand of their own last season with players like Pascal Siakam making names for themselves by finding a role that works for them and playing that role to the best of their ability. Also, Nick Nurse and Andy Towers are very similar in that they put their teams into a system that worked for them and allowed those guys to take off as they did. 

Chrome LC

Washington Wizards 

Just like the Washington Wizards, or any other disappointing NBA team over the past few seasons, Chrome LC has some great talent on their roster but it just didn’t work out and they couldn’t find any consistency last season. 

Justin Guterding and Jordan Wolf are two of the leaders of that Chrome team, but outside of the production from them last season, there wasn’t much else to cheer about consistently. Fairly similar to what may expect Bradley Beal and Isiah Thomas to be for the Wizards this season. 

Redwoods LC

Milwaukee Bucks

Just like the Milwaukee Bucks with Giannis Antetokounmpo, teams don’t want to take it inside against the aggressive Redwoods LC’s defense. Garrett Epple, Eddy Glazner, Matt Landis, and others create havoc inside and then help push the ball up the field to a high-caliber offense. 

In addition to these long defenseman, Redwoods also has many great shooters and creates on the offensive end with guys like Ryder Garnsey and Jules Heningburg. The Bucks and Redwoods share a similar “woods” type branding and their player is very similar, as well. These two many the best comparison between any PLL and NBA teams. 

Whipsnakes LC

Golden State Warriors

Well-roundedness and chemistry is what has made the Golden State Warriors so good and helped them dominate the NBA in recent years. Even losing a piece here and there hasn’t phased them much. Whipsnakes LC draws a great comparison to the Warriors with how well-rounded they are. 

Whipsnakes also plays a fast-paced game which is similar to the Warriors with the offensive effectiveness of Matt Rambo, Connor Kelly, Ryan Drenner, and others. Also, Whispankes has their version of the “splash brothers” with Mike Chanechuck and Michael Ehrhardt having the ability to pull up from downtown and sting the back of the net. 

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