PLL Expanding To Seven Lacrosse Clubs In 2020

(Photo: PLL)

The Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) has announced that the league will be expanding to seven teams for the 2020 season, the second season for the league. 

An expansion draft will be held in February to set the initial roster of the seventh club. The seventh club will also add to their roster with the 2020 College Draft, which will take place in April. Additionally, the league will also hold a new players draft this offseason for players coming into the league from elsewhere. 

“Expanding to a seventh team in our 2020 season will provide greater opportunity for the best players in the world, more access for our fans, and additional windows to scale our product offerings.”, Co-Founder and CEO Mike Rabil said in a press release. 

Expansion to seven teams comes after a very successful inaugural season in 2019 that saw Whipsnakes LC defeat Redwoods LC in the championship game. Adding a new club will impact the season schedule, playoff format, and more. Additional details will be released at a later date, according to the league.

With the PLL adding a seventh team, there are now three head coaching positions open following Dom Starsia leaving Chrome LC and John Paul leaving Atlas LC.


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