St. John’s Captain Arrested After Off-Campus Stabbing Incident

According to a New York Daily report, St. John’s lacrosse players and team captain Matthew Stockfeder is facing assault charges following a stabbing incident on Tuesday morning. 

Per the report, Stockfeder grabbed a knife and stabbed his roommate, a St. John’s alum, in the gut as they wrestled to the ground. The incident stems from the victim complaining about Stockfeder’s music being too loud and a number of teasing text messages that Stockfeder sent the victim on Monday night following the music complaint. 

The incident took place at a private house a few blocks from St.John’s’ campus. The victim was left with a five-inch deep hole in his stomach and a puncture in his small intestine, according to the report. He was rushed into surgery and is expected to live. 

A report from Daily Mail has identified the victim as 26-year-old Justin Corpolongo who was a faceoffman for the Red Storm from 2015-2018.

Stockfeder, 21, was a defensive midfielder and captain of the Red Storm lacrosse team. He played in all 14 games last season, tallying one goal and scooping up 17 ground balls. His name has since been taken off the team’s roster online, but the school can’t comment disciplinary status. 

Stockfeder was taken into police custody on Wednesday. 

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