Former NCAA DI Teams That Need to Comeback

(Photo courtesy of North Carolina State University)

Over the course of the history of college lacrosse there have been many teams that have come into existence. While some teams stay there are other programs that get the axe for an array of reasons, including Title IX and financial issues. However, putting all issues aside and just looking at logic from a lacrosse perspective here are some schools that NEED to bring back their program and make the most sense, as well. 


The Huskies had a program in the 70’s and 80’s and officially dropped the sport in 1983. The amount of talent that the state of Connecticut and surrounding areas produce every year is pretty big and a revitalized UConn lacrosse program could really benefit from that. Also, with them moving back to the Big East in 2020-21 they would immediately have conference.

The Huskies apparently have at least one major donor behind resurrecting the men’s lacrosse program and the Connecticut lacrosse community sounds to be 100% behind the idea, as well. 

New Hampshire

Similarly to UConn, the Wildcats could have some success in lacrosse due to their location and territory they could rope off in recruiting. New Hampshire dropped their program following the 1997 season. If they brought it back there is no question that they could have success, just like their brothers to the west at the University of Vermont. 

Boston College

The Eagles dropped their program back in 2002. While the program may have not been taken very seriously by the school when they were around, Boston could certainly support a Boston College men’s lacrosse program, especially with Harvard and Boston U. both having programs now. Again, it just makes too much sense not to happen. 

NC State

Duke and North Carolina both have very strong programs, so why not bring back NC State to bring some more muscle to the Tobacco Road college lacrosse scene? The Wolfpack had a program that lasted from 1973-82 and had some strong teams. 


When Butler dropped their program in 2007 it was a shock. Since then their athletic department has grown, especially with their success in basketball, and the game has grown even more in the midwest than it had at the time. 

Michigan State

The Spartans dropped their program in 1995. Since then, their rival Michigan has added lacrosse and has recently made a huge commitment to lacrosse with new facilities, and the Big Ten is arguably the best conference in DI at the moment. C’mon Michigan State…we’re waiting.

Morgan State

They dropped their program back in 1981 and were the first HBCU to add the sport. The Bears had some real success and with the emergence of Hampton in DI and University of D.C. in DII it would be even more sweet to see Morgan State comeback. Also, their location is prime for college lacrosse. It would be utterly fantastic to see them comeback sometime soon. 


Columbia was one of the first colleges to have lacrosse way back in the 1880s and dropped the program in prior to the 1912 season, despite some efforts to save it. Columbia is the only Ivy League school that doesn’t have men’s lacrosse, so yeah, the Lions should get back into it. Also, their football stadium makes a great lacrosse venue, as seen from hosting the Ivy League tournament the past two seasons. 


3 thoughts on “Former NCAA DI Teams That Need to Comeback

  1. Would love to see UConn brig it back. They could seriously build a national championship caliber squad there. UNH is possibly, as well. Go Huskies!


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