Andy Towers Signs Two-Year Extension With Chaos LC

(Photo Courtesy of Premier Lacrosse League)

Chaos Lacrosse Club head coach Andy Towers announced on Twitter on Thursday night that he has signed a two-year extension to remain the club’s head coach. Towers is the second head coach in the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) to sign an extension with their club, with Nat St. Laurent signing an extension with Redwoods LC last month. 

Towers was named one of the inaugural six head coaches in the PLL in the spring of 2019. He led Chaos to a 7-3 record in the regular season, finishing atop the standings and claiming the number one seed in the playoffs.

Chaos ended their 2019 season with two consecutive losses in the playoffs, losing to Whipsnakes LC in their first playoff game and losing to Redwoods LC in their second playoff game. 

Andy Towers played in college Brown, including two years under the legendary Dom Starsia who coaches Chrome LC last season, from 1991-1994. Towers’  first head coaching job was at Hartford where he was at the helm for just one season in 2004. He then served as the head coach of Dartmouth from 2010-2014. 

During the inaugural season of the PLL, Towers gained a lot of love from fans due to the high amount of energy he exemplified on the sidelines week to week. Also, his ability to coach his team in a way that took advantage of the PLL rules was second to none. 

Towers won the PLL’s inaugural Coach of The Year Award this past season and will be looking to lead Chaos even further in 2020.

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