PLL Expansion Draft Results

(Photo: PLL)

On Wednesday night we found out the initial 18-man roster for the PLL’s Waterdogs LC expansion team as head coach Andy Copelan made his picks in the PLL Expansion Draft. 

Here are the draft results: 

  1. Connor Kelly, A/M, Whipsnakes LC
  2. Christian Cuccinello, A, Archers LC
  3. Brodie Merrill, D, Chaos LC
  4. Charlie Cipriano, G, Chaos LC
  5. Ben Reeves, A, Whipsnakes LC
  6. Kyle McClandy, M, Chaos LC
  7. Kieran McArdle, A, Atlas LC
  8. Brian Karalunas, D, Redwoods LC
  9. Ben McIntosh, M, Archers LC
  10. Drew Snider, M, Whipsnakes LC
  11. Ryan Drenner, A, Whipsnakes LC
  12. Noah Richard, LSM, Atlas LC
  13. Steve Denapoli, M, Atlas LC
  14. Wes Berg, M, Redwoods LC
  15. Chris Sabia, D, Chrome LC
  16. Ryan Conrad, M, Atlas LC
  17. Danny Eipp, M, Archers LC
  18. Drew Simoneau, FO, Chrome LC


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