MLL to hold Supplemental Draft Next Month

(Photo Courtesy of MLL/New York Lizards)

Major League Lacrosse (MLL) has recently added two new teams with the Connecticut Hammerheads and Philadelphia Barrage being announced over the past few weeks. The league has also made some major changes to their business model over the past few months, as well. 

These teams’ initial rosters will be filled out by players who were under contract by either the Dallas Rattlers or Atlanta Blaze, who both ceased operations prior to both new teams being announced. Rattlers players now have their rights held by the Hammerheads and Blaze players have their rights held by the Barrage.

But as one source said, “It’s not as simple as just moving a whole roster from one team to the other like that league might have made it sound in some of their recent releases.”

Not the entire rosters from the Blaze and Rattlers will be moving to these new teams next season, as some fans may think. Each team has had to submit a 26-man roster to the league ahead of a supplemental draft that will take place in March. 

According to multiple sources, there are many players who have still yet to be notified by their team if they were protected or unprotected. 

The league, historically, has held supplemental drafts in the offseason. The MLL held two supplemental drafts last season, one in the fall and one in the spring. They also had a dispersal draft last spring after Charlotte, Florida, and Ohio all ceased operations. 

Lacrosse Bucket has yet to confirm the exact date of the upcoming MLL supplemental draft, but multiple sources have indicated that it will be held in two weeks. Additionally, the league stated back in October that the current player pool registration would close one week prior to the expansion draft.

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