Boston U. Housing the Best LSM Tandem in The Country

(Photos: Boston U. Athletics)

Many still want to see how good the Terriers’ offense can be post Chris Gray and James Burr, but many may be overlooking a particular duo they have on the defensive side of the ball that is producing like no other tandem in the country. 

Seniors Reece Eddy and Chase Levesque may very well make up the best LSM tandem in the country. The two have only played together for just one full season after Eddy transferred in from Canisius after the 2018 season, but the second he stepped foot on campus last year Boston U. suddenly had two of the most productive LSM’s in the country in their locker room.

Eddy is more of an impact player defensively and actually started one game at close defense last season. He can lock down his man, put the ball on the carpet, and even spark transition.

And while he is a great on-ball defender, his best trait just may be his innate ability to pick the ball out of the sky like Hall of Fame defensive back in football.

Like many LSM’s, Eddy isn’t all defense. Not even close. His lacrosse IQ is off the charts and it shows on both ends of the field. Defensively he is a monster pretty much everywhere. Offensively he butters his bread in transition, running the field well, passing, and even scoring. 

Levesque has much more of that offensive prowess to him that is often overlooked at the position. Not only does he know how to use his size and length on both ends and run the field well, but he has sharp stick skills, and can throw and catch with precision.

He can also be a threat to score, especially in transition and has the ability to work in the six-on-six if needed. Honestly, it wouldn’t be crazy at all to put him at attack. He could do it, for sure. 

And while his ability to generate offense is probably what many know him for, Levesque can also be a threat on the defensive end, as well. He isn’t as much of a strip or pick machine as others at the same position, but he makes a difference for sure. 

Through five games this season, Eddy has recorded 27 ground balls (1st amongst defensemen) and had caused 14 turnovers (2nd in DI). Levesque has scooped up 19 ground balls and caused nine turnovers. He has also scored one goal, as well.

And their work has also helped put the Terriers atop the leader boards, as well. Boston U. currently leads the nation in caused turnovers with 66 through five games, averaging 13.20 per game. They are also a top-20 team in ground balls with 175 currently and an average of 35 per game.

Roughly 26% of the Terriers’ ground balls come from Eddy and Levesque with them having 46 combined at the moment and around 35% of the Terriers’ caused turnovers come from the LSM tandem with the two seniors combining for 23 through the first five games.

Having Eddy and Levesque on the same squad creates a type of danger for any team that they face. A tandem of LSM’s this good doesn’t come around that often and the fact that their skill sets are so diverse makes them even better as a duo.

The Terriers truly have something special going at the LSM spot, and if any pro team is looking for an LSM in the upcoming draft, there aren’t too many places better to look that Boston U. 

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