PLL Entry Draft Results

(Photo Courtesy of World Lacrosse)

The Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) held their inaugural Entry Draft on Monday night, where 14 of a 16-man players entering the league this season found out which teams they would be suiting up for this summer.

Draft Results:

First Round

  1. Waterdogs LC – Zach Currier, Midfield
  2. Chrome LC – Jesse Bernhardt, Defense
  3. Atlas LC – Rob Pannell, Attack
  4. Archers LC – Eli Gobrecht, Defense
  5. Whipsnakes LC – Zed Williams, Attack/Midfield
  6. Redwoods LC – Finn Sullivan, Defense
  7. Chaos LC – Dillon Ward, Goalie 

Second Round

  1. (8.) Waterdogs LC – Ryland Rees, LSM/Defense
  2. (9.) Chrome LC – Donny Moss, Defense
  3. (10.) Atlas LC – Craig Chick, Defense
  4. (11.) Archers LC – Christian Mazzone, Midfield
  5. (12.) Whipsnakes LC – TJ Comizio, Midfield 
  6. (13.) Redwoods LC – Greg Puskuldjian, faceoff
  7. (14.) Chaos LC – Jason Noble, LSM

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