Why Grant Ament is a No. 1 Draft Pick

(Photo Courtesy of Penn State Athletics)

Penn State attackman Grant Ament became the first big name to announce whether he is staying and going to use that extra year of eligibility that the NCAA is planning to grant to players when he announced his intentions to end his career at Penn State on Sunday morning. 

With his college career behind him, the 5-foot-9, 165-pound Doylestown, Pa. native looks ready to tear up the pro game the same way he did in college. And he is likely going to be a top three draft in the PLL Collegiate Draft. 

Ament has looked like the ultimate field general during his college career at Penn State. And the one thing that stands out most about his game is his elite passing ability. In 2019, Ament blew the NCAA’s single-season assists record out of the water, dishing out 96 assists in 17 games. He ended his career with 280 points (91G/189A) in 54 games, putting him first in Penn State and Big Ten history in both career points and assists. 

He is, without a doubt, one of the greatest passers in college lacrosse history. He can seemingly put the ball on a rope almost every time, deliver in tight areas, find passing lanes almost everywhere on the field, and gives the guys around him the ability score. He finds the open man on almost every play. Plain and simple. 

And Ament doesn’t just make these passes from behind the cage at X or on the wings, either. He has shown that he can get it done as a feeder all over the field. And he makes the guys around him better whole doing it everywhere, as well. 

While his passing ability is elite, that is just a small part of his game. Ament not only slings the rock around better than everyone, but he can also make finding the back of the net look easy, can break down defenders with an impressive array of nasty dodges, and overall, might be the best field general the college game has seen since the likes of Rob Pannell and Steele Stanwick were making headlines at Cornell and Virginia, respectively. 

 Like many attackmen, Ament’s career as a goal scorer is highlighted by amazing finishes in close. Whether that is using a pick at X (or simply using his speed) to get around the cage, throw a quick fake, and finish low or getting under the defense for a backdoor finish, he can finish inside just fine. 

Those kinds of scoring opportunities are the bread and butter of Ament’s game as a goal scorer. And when he gets those opportunities behind the cage, he is just as dangerous as a scorer as he is as a passer. And for defenses, that makes him even more of a nightmare.

Late in 2019 and in what we saw in 2020, Ament has grown more as a sharpshooter up top and in settled six-on-six situations. Whether that means creating a shot for himself off of a pick up top or getting a quality time and room opportunity off of a skip pass, Ament has shown that he is not range deficient when it comes to shooting, contrary to what some may think. 


It wouldn’t be surprising to see him improve even more in that area early on in his pro career, especially with better players around him that can set him up for more plays just like the one in the clip above.

Ament’s ability to feed and shoot at a high level makes him a special player, no doubt about it. But above all, it is the demeanor that he plays with that makes him such a special player. Every single move he makes on the field is made with a purpose. 

Whether he is dodging to score, dodging to pass, or make a hustle play. Ament makes every move with a purpose. The ball never dies in his stick, he does not dance, and he doesn’t shoot just for the sake of shooting. Ament is the ultimate field general, seemingly trying to make smart moves and positive plays all over the field to help his team in any way possible. 

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