The Greatest College Lacrosse Team of All-Time

(Photo Courtesy of NCAA)

In the wake of the college lacrosse season and March Madness being cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Lacrosse Bucket is making a March Madness style bracket around the greatest college lacrosse teams of all-time.

The bracket will be a 16-team bracket and only include teams from the NCAA era (1971-present). 

To build this 16-team bracket, please nominate which team(s) you think should be included. You can submit up to five NCAA era teams. 

You can submit your nominations through this Google Form, comment below, or reply to this post on social media.

The Rules

This will be a 16 team tournament. 

One round will be played each week.

You can participate and vote via Twitter and Instagram. Polls will be posted on each platform. 

Teams are only from the NCAA era (1971-present) and were all selected via submissions. 



3 thoughts on “The Greatest College Lacrosse Team of All-Time

  1. Cornell beat 1987 Syracuse twice.

    1976 and 1977 Cornell teams should both be included. So should the 1976 Frank Urso-led Maryland team that Cornell beat in overtime in the NCAA championship game. 1977 Cornell ran up a 16-3 lead on a good Hopkins team in the championship game before Richie called off the dogs. Dominant all over the field.


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