The Greatest College Lacrosse Team of All-Time: First Round Results

Last Sunday, Lacrosse Bucket launched a 16-team bracket of some of the greatest NCAA era (1971-present) college lacrosse teams of all-time. The First round of voting went down on Tuesday and Thursday this past week. 

The Rules

16-team tournament. 

One round will be played each week. One side on Tuesday and one side on Thursday.

You can participate and vote via Twitter and Instagram. Polls will be posted on each platform. 

Teams are only from the NCAA era (1971-present) and were all selected via submissions.

Teams were seeded bases on the number of submissions that each team got.

Updated Bracket

Screen Shot 2020-04-05 at 12.07.23 PM

Quarterfinal voting will begin on Tuesday with the top half of the bracket and continue on Thursday with the bottom half. You can vote via Twitter and Instagram just like this past week. 

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