2020 NCAA Positional Rankings

Editors Note: This article was submitted by a reader, John H., who wanted to share who he thought were the top ten players at each position in college lacrosse this past season. 


1. Michael Sowers, Princeton: The best player in college lacrosse. Can take over a game whenever wherever.
2. Grant Ament, Penn State: Does it all. One of the greatest passers to ever play. The true QB of an offense.
3. Chris Gray, North Carolina: Does it all, can beat anyone and makes everyone better. Is deadly from anywhere on the field.
4. Jeff Teat, Cornell: The best passer in the game who makes any offense great. People undervalue how great of a player he is. 
5. Mac O’Keefe, Penn State: The best shooter in the game. A goal-scoring machine who has range we’ve never seen before. Some of the best hands we’ve ever seen.
6. Matt Moore, Virginia: One of the best dodging X attackmen in college. Does it all. An amazing athlete who is tough to stop.
7. Jared Bernhardt, Maryland: Does it all, extremely hard to guard 1 v 1. Has been an animal on the field all 4 years. The heart and soul of the Terrapins squad. 
8. Logan Wisnauskas, Maryland: Amazing finisher and has a knack for finding the back of the net. Is a production machine.
9.  Tre Leclaire, Ohio State: Hard-nosed righty Canadian. An amazing shot with natural scoring ability. He was highly underrated this season and is poised to make a run when he returns next season.

10. Brendan Nichtern, Army: Great 1 v 1 dodger and initiator. Really put Army on the map. Is not afraid to take it to the rack no matter who is guarding him.


1. Connor Kirst, Villanova: Absolute monster. Incredible shot and creates his own looks. One of the best midfielders to come through college in a while. 
2. Sam Handley, Penn: Do it all midfielder. Can score and feed at anytime. Can take on double teams and is both handed. Only played one game but showed he is possibly a top 5 player in college.
3. Brendan Curry, Syracuse: The fastest dodger from the midfield. Basically impossible to cover 1 v 1. Amazing on the run shot with the ability to ping any corner from anywhere.
4. Jamie Trimboli, Syracuse: Smooth midfielder who has a great shot. Gets to the goal whenever he wants. As clutch as they come.
5. Bryan Costabile, Notre Dame: Super athletic beast who can create his own shot no matter who is on him. Has deep deep range.

6. Anthony Demaio, Maryland: An extremely underrated midfielder who does everything. Is very clutch and can score from wherever whenever. One of my favorite players to watch. 

7. Jonothan Donville, Cornell: Amazing shot and finishing ability. Is able to move the ball smoothly and bust defenses. High lacrosse IQ.

8. Tanner Cook, North Carolina: Big lefty Canadian who is very hard to stop. Great shot and finishing ability. Complete beast.

9. Dox Aitken, Virginia: One of the best athletes in college. Very hard to cover 1 v 1 with an extremely hard shot.

10. Payton Cormier, Virginia: Big Canadian. Excellent hands who is able to create his own shots very often. 


1. Ryan Terefenko, Ohio State: The biggest beast in college lacrosse. An absolute workhorse. Barely slid to and is a human clear. A menace on the wings. 
2. Peter Dearth, Syracuse: Monster SSDM who is scary on the field. Can score and lock top midfielders down. I wouldn’t want to get in his way when he is running full speed
3. Jake Stevens, Princeton: Extremely athletic and is a ground ball machine. Very underrated. Transition machine as well.

4. Roman Pugliese, Maryland: Solid SSDM who is very reliable on defense and in the clearing game.

5. Danny Logan, Denver: Great 1 v 1. A tough kid who has been great at his position for years.
6. Sam Duggan, Cornell: Workhorse who is a beast on the ground and in the clear
7. Connor Maher, North Carolina: One of the most underrated SSDM. Plays very hard and is extremely reliable.
8. Michael Brown, Brown: Tough nosed SSDM. Plays with a lot of heart
9. John Fox, Virginia: Beast and a leader of the UVA team. Great all around

10. Luke Esbach, Yale: A big, mean, and physical SSDM who gets his job done. 


1. Jarred Connors, Virginia: The best LSM out there. Does it all. Ground balls, 1 v 1, and is deadly in transition. 
2. Ryan McNulty, Loyola: Amazing in transition and is a threat to score at all times. Has been one of the best LSM for years.
3. Brandon Salvatore, Cornell: Ground ball machine who is solid 1 v 1. Rules the middle of the field
4. BJ Farrare, Penn: Great 1 v 1 LSM who is a threat in transition at all times. Has one of the best motors in the sport. 
5. Sean Menges, Richmond: Solid on the ball and very good off the ground. Is the leader for that Richmond defense. 
6. Jeff Henrick – Amazing off the ground and is a very reliable 1 v 1 played. A hawk on the wings
7. Reece Eddy, Boston U.: A CT machine. The leader of the BU defense who is highly underrated.
8. Jared Fernandez, Syracuse: Extremely fast and hawks ground balls. A solid piece to the Syracuse defense.
9. Hunter Newman, Bicknell: Solid LSM who picks up a ton of ground balls. Causes many turnovers

10. Adrian Enchill, Brown: Sick athlete who is a beast off the ground. Fantastic wing players on the faceoff. 


1. JT Giles-Harris, Duke: A monster on the field and great 1 v 1 defender. The ability to do everything. One of the best to come through college in a long time. The leader of the Duke defense for years.

2. Gibson Smith, Georgetown: Sick off the ground and does an amazing job covering 1 v 1 as well. People don’t get to watch enough of him he is an outstanding player.

3. George Baughan, Princeton: Big physical defenseman who can guard any size. Great feet and power. Has really developed throughout the past.

4. Jack Kielty, Notre Dame: A physical defenseman who is great on the ball and has is super athletic. Great feet for a big man and the leader of an amazing defense.

5. Chris Fake, Yale: A bruising defenseman who can move well for his size. Has been the heart of the Yale defenseman for years and does a great job with that. I wouldn’t want to go against him.
6. Gavin Adler, Cornell: Extremely underrated. Undersized animal on the field with incredible feet. Possibly the best 1 v 1 defenseman in college lacrosse.

7. Mark Evanchick, Penn: A big nasty defenseman who moves great for his size. Has been shutting down top attackmen for years. Would love to see him return.

8. Koby Smith, Towson: A nightmare in transition and great off the ground. Also is assigned the best attackman every game. The heart of the Towson defense 

9. Brett Makar, Maryland: A huge physical defenseman who can cover any size. He is the top pole on Maryland who does a great job of guarding top threats 

10. Brett Kennedy, Syracuse: Was forced to play close this year and did a great job. He is a top 3 LSM in the country. Deadly in transition and is an absolute workhorse.


1. TD Ierlan, Yale: Possibly the best faceoff man to ever step on the field. Broke almost every record out there. Sick on the clamp and the ground. A rare player who is one of a kind.

2. Bailey Savio, Loyola: Extremely hard to beat. Has all the tools. A great athlete and competitor.

3. Kyle Ghallger, Penn: A highly talented face-off man who is great at putting where his guys are at. Really wondering where his next destination will be. Whoever snags him will be lucky.

4. Zach Cole, Saint Joseph’s: The heart of the SJU team. An absolute beast on the dot and on the field. 

5. Justin Inacio, Ohio State: Great on the clamp and off the ground. Came off an injury and dominated. Set OSU records while doing so.

6. Jakob Phaup, Syracuse: Talented and tough face-off man who was key in getting the Syracuse offense the ball. Does a great job with handling splitting some reps as well 

7. Connor Gaffney, Lehigh: Has been one of the best face-off men out there for a long time now. Is a big reason why Lehigh competes with everyone. 

8. Danny Varello, Syracuse: A great second option to Syracuse on the dot. Does a great job at handling his job and is certainly talented. Not easy splitting reps and being great at it 

9. Ashton Wood, Mercer: Had the most face-off wins in college through this season. Is key to why mercer is getting more and more attention

10. Dan O’Connell, Holy Cross: Underrated and skilled faceoff man. Handled himself well vs some tough competition this season.


1. Matt Deluca, Delaware: A giant athletic stopper who has been underrated his entire career. Anyone who watched him play would say he is the best goalie in the game. He is great and is strong from everywhere.

2. Owen McElroy, Georgetown: The best save percentage in the country for a reason. Very talented and will be a big piece of the Georgetown team for the future.

3. Wyatt Schluper, Army: Great from everywhere. He was the key to Army holding teams to such low numbers this season. Will be the face of the defense for years to come. Solid all around.

4. Mike Adler, Saint Joseph’s: Was facing a ton of shots and stopping most of them. Always has been underrated and his numbers are no joke. Any team who needs a goalie should be calling his number ASAP.

5. Josh Kirson, Ohio State: Brick wall for Ohio State this season. Was extremely reliable and hard to score on. Great on the inside.

6. Phil Goss, Brown: Talented goalie who is one of the hardest to score on. Came up big in the Brown win over Virginia. Has been one of the best goalies out there for a while. 

7. Drake Porter, Syracuse: Had some amazing games this season and made some incredible stops. Any team would be lucky to have a goalie like him. Fun to watch.

8. Toby Burgdorf, Providence: Played very well in Providences wins and was tough to score on every game. Had a ton of saves after facing a large number of shots

9. Alex Rode, Virginia: A brick wall for Virginia. Talented and reliable at all times. He even is able to make plays not just in the goal but out of it to

10. Erik Peters, Princeton: One of the most underrated goalies in the country. Was a big reason why Princeton was able to upset Virginia. Loved watching him play he comes up big when it matters.

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