Report: Princeton Won’t Grant Extra Year to Athletes Who Withdraw

(Photo Courtesy of Princeton Athletics)

According to a report from Alissa Selover of The Princetonian, Princeton will not allow athletes who withdraw or intend to withdraw an extra season. This eliminates the option of any spring sport athlete at Princeton from withdrawing and re-enrolling next spring to preserve their final year of eligibility. 

Additionally, this means that if any senior athletes at Princeton wish to play another season and take advantage of the NCAA’s ruling, which grants spring sport athletes an extra year of eligibility due to their seasons getting cut short by the Coronavirus outbreak, must transfer to another school if they wish to play next season. However, if they do transfer and play at another school next season, any scholarship money they receive will count towards that programs scholarship limit. 

This news comes after an April 2nd ruling from the Ivy League, which started that they would not be changing their policy that prevents graduate students from play athletics. 


2 thoughts on “Report: Princeton Won’t Grant Extra Year to Athletes Who Withdraw

  1. This was a stupid decision by the Princeton University administration. They are denying Micheal Sowers dream, and the dream of many Princeton lacrosse fans, of seeing Sowers in a Princeton uniform next year. This stupidity means he will be capping his extraordinary career in another schools colors. What policy does this accomplish? Princeton stupidity is on display for the world to see.


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