PLL Cancels Season, Announces 20-Game Championship Series

(Photo Courtesy: Premier Lacrosse League)

The Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) has announced the cancellation of their 2020 season, which the league had already announced would be postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Instead of a traditional regular season, the league will conduct a fully quarantined and fanless tournament, the PLL Championship Series, which will see 20 games played over the course of 16 days. The series starts on July 25th and will run through August 9th.

The first week of the series will see the league’s seven teams compete in a fourteen-game group play to determine the seeding of a single-elimination tournament that will be played the following week. 

The PLL Championship will be held at one single venue, implement COVID-19 preventative measures, and travel in and out will be restricted. Additionally, the league has formed a COVID-19 Medical Committee that consists of multiple physicians, including infectious disease experts. 


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