Members of The Lacrosse Community React in Wake of Protests Over Racial Injustice

(Photo Courtesy of Premier Lacrosse League)

This week has been a tough one in America, as protests have erupted across the nation following the murders of Ahmad Aubery, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor. The three cases are just the most recent and highly publicized acts of violence and racial injustice against the African-American community by police officers, which is a trend that has carried on for over a century. 

Just as many other high-profile athletes across the country have reacted and spoken out via Twitter against racial injustices amidst these three incidents and the protests that have followed, members of the lacrosse community have also spoken up. 

Here are some of the most prominent examples: 

Thus far, no message has been as strong or powerful as that coming from Redwoods LC attackman Jules Heningburg, who penned a beautiful and powerful letter titled “Standing At The Crossroads” about racial identity.

In addition to the letter from Heningburg, Redwoods LC midfielder Kyle Harrison, who is has been one of the most high-profile African-American lacrosse players for multiple decades, has put out his thoughts multiple times this past week.

PLL Co-Founder and Atlas LC midfielder Paul Rabil has spoken out about how he and other non-minorities can better understand racial injustices in this country and contribute to fixing the problem. He also posted a video on Twitter of a conversation he had with Kyle Harrison on the same topic.

Whipsnakes LC midfielder Ty Warner posted a powerful message on Saturday afternoon.

Archers LC defenseman Scott Ratliff posted a message via Twitter about having the courage to speak up and important it is to see things from a different perspective than your own.

Lacrosse social media personality Mikey Diggs (@diggstape) has changed his Twitter name to listen to black people and has spoken up multiple times about social justice issues in America, including this message in this Tweet. 

Former Syracuse star Jovan Miller has put out a string of tweets over the past week that addresses some of the recent events of racial injustice in American and how to speak up about these issues. 


Stony Brook women’s head coach Joe Spalinna and former pro player and Faceoff Academy founder have also been outspoken about the recent events this past week.



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