NCAA Rules Committee Officially Proposes Faceoff, Dive Rule Changes

(Photo Courtesy of Yale Athletics)

At the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Rules Committee meeting last week, the committee proposed changes to the faceoff, the dive, and defensive timeouts. The official proposal was posted in a release on

These changes to the faceoff rules include eliminating the motorcycle grip and having both players start the faceoff with their feet and with sticks and gloves touching the ground. This is a change to the current rules, which allows for a player to faceoff with one knee on the ground and can use the motorcycle grip. In addition, the committee has proposed a rule that a player would have to serve a 30-second penalty if they commit three consecutive faceoff violations. 

In the release, Nazareth Head Coach and committee chair Rob Randall said, “We talked about a lot of different things over the course of four days. We felt comfortable as a group that these were changes that will make the game better on behalf of  the officials, coaches, spectators, and most importantly, the players.”

In addition to the changes to the faceoff, the committee has proposed that the goal-mouth area be prohibited to offensive players. This would mean a goal will be disallowed if an offensive player jumps, dives, falls, or run into the goal-mount area. Additionally, an offensive player can be given a one-minute penalty if they initiate deliberate contact with the goalie. The committee has also suggested that the defensive team can call a timeout in dead ball and out-of-bounds scenarios and that the possession clock would remain and not reset. 

According to the release from the NCAA, these rules will go into effect next season (2020-21 school year) if finalized and approved by the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel. Before anything is officially finalized, the committee will be seeking feedback from the membership over the next two weeks. 


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