Part One: How Have Schmeisser, Turnbull Award Winners Fared in Head-to-Head Matchups?

(Photo Courtesy of Navy Athletics)

*This article is part one of a three-part series that will analyze how Schmeisser and Turnbull Award winners have fared in head-to-head battles.*

The William C. Schmeisser Award has been given out to the most outstanding defenseman each year since 1942 and the Jack Turnbull Award has been given out to the top attackman each year since 1946. And oftentimes, the winners of these awards have gone head-to-head in games during the years that they won those awards. 

But how often has the happened? Who won the one-on-one matchup? What was the outcome of the game? 

In this first part of a three-part series that dives into the results of head-to-head matchups between Schmeisser and Turnbull Award winners, two decades will be dissected (1946-1955, 1956-1965).

Before looking to answer those three questions above, here is a list of all-time winners for both awards. 

Schmeisser Award Turnbull Award
Year Player Team Year Player Team
1942 Tyler Campbell Princeton
1943 George Riepe Johns Hopkins
1944 Fred Allner, Jr. Cornell
1945 Charles Guy Navy
1946 Bob Fetters Maryland 1946 Stu McLean Navy
1947 Fred Allner, Jr. Princeton 1947 Brooke Tunstall Johns Hopkins
1948 John McEnery Army 1948 Brooke Tunstall Johns Hopkins
1949 Lloyd Bunting Johns Hopkins 1949 Lee Chambers Navy
1950 Kin Yellott Yale 1950 Oliver Shepard Johns Hopkins
1951 Joe Sollers Johns Hopkins 1951 Don Hahn Princeton
1952 Bill Hubbell Maryland 1952 Gordy Jones Virginia
1953 Jack Johnson Army 1953 Buzzy Budnitz Johns Hopkins
1954 Stan Swanson Navy 1954 Rennie Smith Maryland
1955 John Raster Navy 1955 Percy Williams Navy
1956 John Simmons Maryland 1956 Hezzy Howard Washington College
1957 Ben Glyphis Army 1957 Jack Daut Rutgers
1958 Walt Mitchell Johns Hopkins 1958 Dick Corrigan Maryland
1959 Don Tillar Army 1959 Bill Morrill Johns Hopkins
1960 Bill Carpenter Army 1960 Bob Miser Army
1961 Mike Byrne Johns Hopkins 1961 Tom Mitchell Navy
1962 Bob Fuelhart Army 1962 Jerry Schmidt Johns Hopkins
1963 Mike Coughlin Navy 1963 Ray Altman Maryland
1964 Jim Campbell Navy 1964 Jim Lewis Navy
1965 Pat Donnelly Navy 1965 Jim Lewis Navy
1966 Hank Kaestner Johns Hopkins 1966 Jim Lewis Navy
1967 Hank Kaestner Johns Hopkins 1967 Jack Heim Maryland
1968 Carl Tamulevich Navy 1968 Joe Cowan Johns Hopkins
1969 Mike Clark Johns Hopkins 1969 Joe Cowan Johns Hopkins
1970 Greg Murphy Navy 1970 Pete Cramblet Army
1971 John Burnap Cornell 1971 Tom Cafaro Army
1972 Tom O’Leary Army 1972 John Kaestner Maryland
1973 Mike Thearle Maryland 1973 Jack Thomas Johns Hopkins
1974 Boo Smith Virginia 1974 Jack Thomas Johns Hopkins
1975 John Lawlor Navy 1975 Eamon McEneaney Cornell
1976 Mike Farrell Maryland 1976 Mike French Cornell
1977 Chris Kane Cornell 1977 Mike O’Neill Johns Hopkins
1978 Chris Kane Cornell 1978 Mike O’Neill Johns Hopkins
1979 Mark Greenberg Johns Hopkins 1979 Bob Boniello Maryland
1980 Mark Greenberg Johns Hopkins 1980 Mike Buzzell Navy
1981 Bob Henry Army 1981 Jeff Cook Johns Hopkins
1982 George McGeeney UMBC 1982 Jeff Cook Johns Hopkins
1983 Steve Byrne Virginia 1983 Tim Nelson Syracuse
1984 Tom Haus North Carolina 1984 Tim Nelson Syracuse
1985 John DeTommaso Johns Hopkins 1985 Tim Nelson Syracuse
1986 Tom Haus North Carolina 1986 Roddy Marino Virginia
1987 Tom Haus North Carolina 1987 Tim Goldstein Cornell
1988 Dave Pietramala Johns Hopkins 1988 John Zulberti Syracuse
1989 Dave Pietramala Johns Hopkins 1989 John Zulberti Syracuse
1990 Pat McCabe Syracuse 1990 Greg Burns Syracuse
1991 Graham Harden North Carolina 1991 Mark Douglas Maryland
1992 Brian Burlace Maryland 1992 Darren Lowe Brown
1992 David Morrow Princeton 1993 Matt Riter Syracuse
1993 David Morrow Princeton 1994 Kevin Lowe Princeton
1994 Reid Jackson Rutgers 1995 Terry Riordan Johns Hopkins
1995 Dan Radebaugh Maryland 1996 Michael Watson Virginia
1996 Tyler Hardy Duke 1997 Jon Hess Princeton
1997 Brian Kuczma Johns Hopkins 1998 Casey Powell Syracuse
1998 Christian Cook Princeton 1999 John Grant Delaware
1999 Ryan Curtis Virginia 2000 Ryan Powell Syracuse
2000 Marshall Abrams Syracuse 2001 Michael Powell Syracuse
2001 Ryan Mollett Princeton 2002 Michael Powell Syracuse
2002 John Glatzel Syracuse 2003 Michael Powell Syracuse
2003 Michael Howley Maryland 2004 Michael Powell Syracuse
2004 Lee Zink Maryland 2005 Matt Danowski Duke
2005 Brodie Merrill Georgetown 2006 Joe Walters Maryland
2006 Michael Culver Virginia 2007 Matt Danowski Duke
2007 Mitchell Belisle Cornell 2008 Zack Greer Duke
2008 Nick O’Hara Duke 2009 Ned Crotty Duke
2009 Michael Evans Johns Hopkins 2010 Rob Pannell Cornell
2010 Ken Clausen
Ryan Flanagan
North Carolina
2011 Rob Pannell Cornell
2011 John Lade Syracuse 2012 Steele Stanwick Virginia
2012 Tucker Durkin Johns Hopkins 2013 Lyle Thompson Albany
2013 Tucker Durkin Johns Hopkins 2014 Lyle Thompson Albany
2014 Joe Fletcher Loyola 2015 Kevin Rice Syracuse
2015 Matt Landis Notre Dame 2016 Dylan Molloy Brown
2016 Matt Landis Notre Dame 2017 Connor Fields Albany
2017 Tim Muller Maryland 2018 Pat Spencer Loyola
2018 John Sexton Notre Dame 2019 Grant Ament Penn State
2019 Johnny Surdick Army

The further you go back in history, the more difficult it is to find available stats and film for individual games. Because of this reason, it makes it very difficult to look back at one-on-one matchups between every single winner of these two awards. So, things will be broken up and analyzed by decade and specific stats will only be provided if they are available. 


1946: The 1946 season marked the first of 74 consecutive meetings between Maryland and Navy. And that ’46 matchup features eventual Schmeisser Award winner Bob Fetters (Maryland) and eventual Turnbull Award winner Stewart (Stu) McLean. Navy won the contest 11-4 and went on to be crowned national champions later that season. 

1947: Princeton’s Fred Allner, Jr. won the 1947 Schmeisser Award and Johns Hopkins’ Brooke Tunstall won the Turnbull. When the two teams faced off, the Blue Jays won 8-7 in overtime. Johns Hopkins was named national champs at the end of the season. 

1948: The 1948 season saw Johns Hopkins repeat as national champions and Tunstall repeat as the Turnbull Award winner, becoming the first player to ever do so. Army’s John McEnery won the Schmeisser Award that season, becoming the first of nine winners to hail from West Point. When Hopkins and Army faced each other, the Blue Jays won 11-9. 

1949: Award winners did not face each other.

1950: Award winners did not face each other.

1951: During the 1951 season, Johns Hopkins’ Joe Sollers won the Schmeisser Award and Princeton’s Don Hahn won the Turnball Award. When these two squads met on the field, Princeton won 13-11. The Princeton Alumni Weekly credits Hahn with at least two goals in the second half. 

1952: Maryland’s Bill Hubbell won the Schmeisser Award and Virginia’s Gordy Jones won the Turnbull Award. When they met, Maryland won 12-11. It was Virginia’s only loss that season. 

1953: In 1953, Army’s Jack Johnson took home the Schmeisser Award and Johns Hopkins’  Buzzy Budnitz won the Turnbull Award. Army defeated the Blue Jays _-_ when they faced each other that season. 

1954: During the 1954 season, Navy’s  Stan Swanson won the Schmeisser Award and Maryland’s Rennie Smith took home the Turnbull Award. The Midshipmen went 7-0 that season, which included a 17-3 win over Maryland.

1955: Award Winners on the same team.


1956: Award winners did not face each other.

1957: In 1957, Army’s Ben Glyphis won the Schmeisser Award and Rutgers’ Jack Daut won the Turnbull Award. Army defeated Rutgers 9-4 when they faced each other in mid-April. 

1958: During the 1958 season, John Hopkins’ Walt Mitchell was awarded the Schmeissier Award and Maryland’s Dick Corrigan won the Turnbull Award. Johns Hopkins defeated Maryland 11-10 that season. 

1959: Award winners did not face each other.

1960: Award Winners on the same team.

1961: Johns Hopkins’ Mike Byrne won the Schmeisser Award and Navy’s Tom Mitchell won the Turnbull Award. Navy defeated Johns Hopkins 15-9 when they met head-to-head. 

1962: Award winners did not face each other.

1963: During the 1963 season, Navy’s Mike Coughlin won the Schmeisser Award and Maryland’s  Ray Altman won the Turnbull Award. Navy won the meeting 17-9. 

1964: Award Winners on the same team.

1965: Award Winners on the same team.

1966: Two all-time greats won both awards in 1966, as Johns Hopkins’ Hank Kaestner took home the Schmeisser Award and Navy’s Jimmy Lewis won the Turnbull award for the third consecutive year. Navy won the 1966 meeting 12-7. There is footage of the Kaestner vs Lewis matchup from 1966 on Youtube. 

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