Cannons’ Nick Marrocco, Sean Quirk Launch Lacrosse Equipment & Apparel Company

(Photos Courtesy of Boston Cannons/MLL)

Boston Cannons goalie Nick Marrocco and head coach Sean Quirk officially launched their new company, PeakPro, this week. The company, which leans on the four standards of strength, durability, consistency, and style, has announced a line of alloy, carbon, and carbon-composite shafts, which will be available soon, and a line of apparel that is currently out on their website. 

“A lot of thought process has gone into it,” Sean Quirk said. “We are aware that there are a number of lacrosse companies specifically out there, but we feel that the product we offer is extremely affordable for all families and athletes.”

While the company has currently only announced its line of shafts and apparel, they have more products in the pipeline that they will be releasing in the future and could be coming as soon as the fall of 2020. Quirk also stated that they will be and have been using their connections to talk to players on various levels about what their needs and wants are so that PeakPro can deliver the best quality products that meet the needs of the consumer. 

“We can develop a product that is safe for everyone to use, looks good, and feels good. And the shafts are just the start, ” said Nick Marrocco

Coupled with the official launch of the company, PeakPro also announced the trio of Denver Outlaws’ Dan Bucaro, Chesapeake Bayhawks’ Brian Phipps, and New York Lizards’ Dylan Molloy have been announced as the first PeakPro athletes. All three players will be using PeakPro shafts during the 2020 MLL season, which is set to get underway on July 18th in Annapolis, Md. 

While all three of the currently announced PeakPro players have an array of impressive accolades and stats attached to their names, bringing in players who were really good guys off the field who love to give back to the community was also extremely important. 

“That’s a big priority for me and Sean. We want to be able to grow the game and I think all the guys that we are bringing in are really good people…These relationships will be more than just transaction, we want to be able to help them and they want to be able to help us in growing the brand,” said Marrocco. 

Quirk and Marrocco said that in that they feel the opportunity right now for a new equipment company to come into the fold and grow is a very good one. And based on the response from the lacrosse community, thus far, they feel very good about the direction that Peakpro is headed and the success they can have. 

“Long term, we just want to grow this company to be as big as we can get it and deliver the best quality products to players. And we have been very pleased with the reception so far,” said Marrocco. 


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