PLL Hands Redwoods’ Garrett Epple One-Game Suspension

(Photo Courtesy of Premier Lacrosse League)

On Wednesday afternoon, The Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) announced that Redwoods LC’ Garrett Epple had been handed a one-game suspension and a fine as a result of the incident with Chrome LC’s Matt Gaudet in Tuesday’s contest.

Epple, an LSM, served two one-minute penalties but was not ejected from the game after hitting Gaudet and throwing two crosschecks against to his head while he was down on the ground. Epple can appeal the suspension, but has announced in a statement that he will not. 


The Redwoods’ next game is Wednesday night at 11 p.m. against Chaos LC, which Epple will have to sit out. 

“I let my team down by not being able to compete tonight  but in my view a one game suspension is warranted,” Epple said in a statement posted to Instagram. “I recognize and accept the consequences of my actions.”

Last night’s incident was not the first between these two clubs that resulted in a suspension. Last season, Chrome goalie Brett Queener was suspended after a hit he put in Redwoods attackman Jules Heningburg.


One thought on “PLL Hands Redwoods’ Garrett Epple One-Game Suspension

  1. Got to love it. Lead ref watches in slow mo and gives two 1 min NR. Anyone other than lead ref watches it and suspends for one game and fines him. hmmmm


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