Best Games of 2022: Semifinals Set!

(Photo Courtesy of Princeton Athletics)

After four days of voting via social media, the semifinals for the Best Games of 2022 bracket is set in stone.

Top-seeded Penn @ Princeton (20-12 OT) beat out Boston U. @ Lehigh (9-8) by a slim margin to move on. Saint Joseph’s @ Yale (16-18) will also move on in that top half of the bracket after blowing Virginia @ Richmond (13-17) out of the water.

In the bottom half of the bracket, Delaware’s 10-9 first-round upset of Georgetown won out over another first round game, Richmond @ Penn (9-10 OT). Lastly, Maryland’s 9-7 national championship victory over Cornell beat out Harvard @ Yale (17-16 OT).

Thus, the semifinals will see Penn @ Princeton vs Saint Joseh’s @ Yale in the top half while Delaware @ Georgetown and Maryland vs Cornell make up the bottom half.

Voting for those two games will be held on Monday and Tuesday of next week, again via social media.

The Bracket

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