Takeaways From The Fall Classic

(Photo Courtesy of Canada Lacrosse)

Canada, USA, and Virginia all went head-to-head over the weekend at the Fall Lacrosse Classic in Sparks, Maryland at US Lacrosse HQ. Friday night gave us an exciting battle between USA and Canada while Virginia played each back-to-back on Saturday afternoon.  Continue reading “Takeaways From The Fall Classic”


USA Edges Canada in Fall Classic

(Photo Credit: Adam Scott/US Lacrosse)

In a low-scoring defensive heavy game, Canada was able to get their offense going midway through the game to get ahead 5-3 at the end of the third. USA was able to mount an impressive four-goal comeback to secure the 7-6 win. Joe Nardella scored the game-winner with 33-seconds left on the clock.  Continue reading “USA Edges Canada in Fall Classic”

Zach Currier: Chasing Rings, Chasing History

Photo Courtesy of Denver Outlaws/MLL                                                                                                         

Zach Currier wins championships. Plain and simple. The man is a winner and over 406 days has won more than any other lacrosse player this year.  Continue reading “Zach Currier: Chasing Rings, Chasing History”

USA Escapes Second-Half England Comeback To Claim Fifth Bronze Medal

Photo Courtesy of USA Lacrosse                                                                                                                        

Despite a very strong England comeback in the second half, USA was able to hang on and secure the 11-8 victory to take home their fifth consecutive Bronze Medal at the WILC. England finishes in fourth place.  Continue reading “USA Escapes Second-Half England Comeback To Claim Fifth Bronze Medal”

Israel Claims Fifth Place At WILC

Photo Courtesy of World Lacrosse/WILC                                                                                                         

Israel defeated a hot Finland team to claim fifth place at the 2019 WILC and ensure that they stay in the Blue group at the 2023 WILC. Finland will end the tournament in sixth place.  Continue reading “Israel Claims Fifth Place At WILC”

WILC Day Nine Recap: Switzerland, Sweden, Mexico Finish Strong

Photo Courtesy of Vancouver Sports Photo/WILC                                                                                         

Day nine of the 2019 WILC saw places 15 through 20 be taken as the 15th, 17th, and 19th place games took place.  Continue reading “WILC Day Nine Recap: Switzerland, Sweden, Mexico Finish Strong”

Mexico Defeats Costa Rica to Claim 19th Place at WILC

Photo Courtesy of World Lacrosse                                                                                                                    

Mexico (1-6) defeated Costa Rica (0-7) 14-10 to in their final game of the 2019 WILC to secure their first win and claim nineteenth place in the tournament. Costa Rica finishes in twentieth place at the tournament.  Continue reading “Mexico Defeats Costa Rica to Claim 19th Place at WILC”

WILC Day Eight Recap: Championship, Placement Finals Set

Photo Courtesy of WILC                                                                                                                                      

Day seven of the 2019 WILC saw bracket play advance even more as Canada and Iroquois advanced to Saturday’s championship game. In addition, the placement brackets advanced more on Thursday, too.  Continue reading “WILC Day Eight Recap: Championship, Placement Finals Set”