NCBS Notebook: Who’s Looking Good Through Week One?

Photo Courtesy of BigHorns/USBOXLA                                                                                                            

Throughout the summer I will have a weekly notebook profiling what is going on in the entire NCBS (CCBLL & OCBLL).

In this first NCBS notebook we take a look at some of the teams that have started hot through the first week of the season, as well as some players that are currently sitting atop each league as well.


The third season of CCBLL play just kicked off on Sunday, June 23rd. Through the first week of the season the Bighorns have started off as hot as any team, sitting at 3-0 and being the only team still unbeaten.

Offense has been a crucial piece to the Bighorns success early on with having three of the league’s top scorers in Carter’s Jensen, Joshua Carlson, and Montana McLaughlin.The Bighorns have been stellar in creating offense early on and being able to sustain a lead down the stretch, pulling out a few close victories as well.

Jensen is currently second in the CCBLL in scoring with 12 points (8G,4A) while Carlson and McLaughlin each have 11 points (9G,2A).

The Fighting Bison and Stoneflies are currently tied for second place in the CCBLL with a current record of 2-1. They have been pretty up and down thus far, but it is still very early.

Again, a depth of scoring early on has played a big part in their success. While Grant Breeden has been leading this Fighting Bison offense with 10 points (5G,5A) TK Hammond has been all over the floor contributions in multiple ways.

Hammond has been one of the most impressive players in the CCBLL thus far, tallying 8 goals (4G,4A) while also scooping up 9 loose balls and going 13-29 at the faceoff dot. He has simply been all over the floor, making a huge difference along with many others.

Besides a ten-point loss to Fighting Bison, Stoneflies have been in two pretty close games early on this season.

Stoneflies have been able to pull through late in games and much of their success has come from top heavy offense with Colby Lensing, Matt Pollack, and Drew Lazar leading the way.

Lensing has scored 8 goals thus far while Lazar has 7 goals. Matt Pollack has tallied 8 points as well with 4 goals and 4 assist on the season thus far.

With the Bighorns, Fighting Bison, and Stoneflies sitting as the top three teams in the CCBLL thus far, Gold Miners and RedHawks are both 1-2 while Blizzard sits in last place, being 0-3 at the moment.


The second OCBLL season kicked off about a week ago and each team has played at least two games while a few have played three games. Through this early part of the season the Walleyes are sitting on top at 2-0 while Aviators and Stags round out the top five.

Close contest have been a theme early on for many teams, including the Walleyes. They have been able to use some late runs to get ahead and secure close wins. It’s been a total team effort to get it done down the stretch, and Walleyes have done that in both of their wins thus far.

Early on, Nate Mendez and Mike Boehm have bene two of the leaders for the Walleyes offense. Crew Clinton and Evan Bongers have also been two of the leaders for Walleyes early on as well, providing some good scoring depth.

Aviators are currently sitting at 1-1 on the season but have recently found ways to put all the pieces together for a full game, helping them secure their first game against the Rivermen.

Griffin Hughes has been a huge piece of the Aviators offense, currently leading them in scoring with 14 points (11G,3A). In addition, CJ Hughes and Cliff Kigar have been two others that the Aviators have leaned on a lot early in the season as well as some others, giving them a pretty deep offensive unit. 

The Stags are currently sitting at 1-2 on the season and looking for some consistency. In their first game they defeated Aviators 17-13, but have since lost two straight. Lucas Buckley has been their leader with 9 points (5G4A) so far. 

In addition to Buckley, Austin Popovich and Connor O’Brein have been very good as well. Both have been big contributors on offense while also making an impact elsewhere on the floor. 

With the Walleyes, Aviators, and Stags sitting as the top three teams in the OCBLL thus far, the Rivemen and Guardians are at the bottom but still very much in the race. The Rivermen are 1-1 at the moment while the Guardians are currently 1-2. 

Full Standings


  1. Bighorns – 3-0
  2. Fighting Bison – 2-1
  3. Stoneflies – 2-1
  4. Gold Miners – 1-2
  5. RedHawks – 1-2
  6. Blizzards – 0-3


  1. Walleyes – 2-0
  2. Aviators – 1-1
  3. Stags – 1-2
  4. Rivermen – 1-1
  5. Guardians – 1-2


Bighorns, RedHawks, And Stoneflies Start CCBLL Season With Wins

Photo Courtesy of CCBLL/USBOXLA                                                                                                                 

The 2019 NCBS season is officially fully underway. While the OCBLL started midweek last week the CCBLL kicked off play last night with a triple-header at Foothills Fieldhouse. 

On opening night there were two very close games as Bighorns and RedHawks each won by just a few goals. The last game wasn’t as close as the first two with Stoneflies making their presence know, dominating with an 18-11 win over Blizzard. 

Bighorns 10, Gold Miners 8

This one was a back-and-forth battle from the start with Gold Miners just holding a 4-3 lead at the end of the first. A huge second period really helped push Bighorns ahead as they held Gold Miners scoreless and took a 7-4 lead into the third period. While Gold Miners were able to get back in the game Bighorns ultimately took the win, holding on down the stretch and prevailing. 

Gold Miners were led by Taz DeLaney with 4 goals while Troy Loper also tallied 2 goals from Gold Miners as well. Bighorns saw Ryan Russell lead the way with 2 goals while also chasing down 2 loose balls. 

RedHawks 14, Fighting Bison 10

While these two went back-and-forth taking shots at each other all game, but RedHawks were able to go on a few runs that really helped push them over the edge and secure the win. While RedHawks led 4-2 at the end of the first they went on a big run in the second to go up 10-5 heading into the third period. Each side traded three-goal runs in the third, but the RedHawks came out on top, subduing the Fighting Bison comeback. 

Bryan Hancock led the RedHawks with 8 points (5G,3A) in the win. Aaron Boyd also tallied 5 points (3G,2A) as well. For the Fighting Bison Grant Breeden led the way with 4 points (3G,1A) while Eric Pacheco also tallied 3 points (2G,1A). 

Stoneflies 18, Blizzard 11

It was a dominating win for Stoneflies as they led the entire way and never looked back. After taking a 4-2 lead at the end of the first they continued to pull away, but Blizzard was able to keep it at a four-goal defect heading into the third with Stoneflies leading 11-7. In the third period Stoneflies really got hot, ending the game on a four-goal run to help secure the 18-11 season opening win. 

Blizzard had a huge depth of scoring with Mykael Haney, Lance Tillman, Drew Erickson, Anders Erickson, and Jason Sullivian all having 2 goals each. Stonefiles saw Drew Lazar score 6 goals while Lance Olson and multiple others all had 2 goals.