Huge Second Period Helps Brampton Defeat Coquitlam and Stay Alive

Photo Courtesy of In Lacrosse We Trust
It would be a very tight back and fourth battle all game long. A huge second period would help push Brampton out and secure the 12-8 win and stay alive in the finals.
The first quarter would be very tight as both squads battled back and fourth on both sides of the floor. Brampton would start off the scoring about five minutes in with a Justin Sykes goal. The ball would then bounce back and fourth as both sqauds played some great defense. Brampton would break the silence once again with a Austin Hasen. Just a few possessions later Larson Sundown would finally get Coquitlam on the board midway through the period. Both squads would go back and fourth trading goals for the rest of the period. Brampton would get goals from Austin Hasen and Jeff Teat. Coquitlam would get two goals from Colin Munro.
Brampton held a one goal 4-3 lead coaming into the second period. In the second we would see Brampton really step up and push the issue. To start the second Chase Scanlan would score for Coquitlam to tie the game at 4-4. As we approached the midway point of the period all energy would start to shift towards Brampton and they would just keep building on that. It would be a six goal run for Brampton that lasted about ten minutes and would close out the period. During that run Brampton would get two goals from Seth Van Schepen and Clarke Peterson. Justin Sykes and Andrew Borgatti would each have one as well. That big run would make it a 10-4 lead heading into the third and final period.
As the second period was all Brampton we would see the opposite in the third. Coquitlam would dominate the majority of the period as they were able to put together a nice comeback and almost take it all the way for the win. Of course we would end with a questionable call as well.
Tyler Mckay would start the scoring off in the third as he would get Brampton another goal to make it 11-4. Coquitlam would answer huge as they went on a four goal run through the middle of the period. Colin Munro would score two during that run as Will Clayton and Dylan Foulds had one a piece. Coquitlam would cut the Brampton lead to 11-8. That wouldn’t be enough as Justin Sykes scored the final goal of the game for Brampton. With a few minutes left both defense’s would be able to hold each offense.
There would be a controversial ending as a Coquitlam played knocked down Brampton goalie Steve Orleman late in the game as he had to come out with about 3:11 left in the game. An official would also go down after the clock ran out. It looked like there was about to be a scuffle between the two teams. It is controversial if the Coqutlam player pushed the Brampton player into the official or not. For the angle of the film it looks like he was pushed.

The leaders for Coquitlam were Colin Munro and Chase Scanlan. Munro had 5 points (4G,1A) and Scanlan had 3 points (2A,1G). Larson Sundown and Dylan Foulds would among others would also contribute a lot for Coquitlam. For Brampton Clarke Petterson had 6 points (2G,4A) and Seth Van Schepen had 4 points (2G,2A). In goal Christian Del Bianco had 34 saves off of 36 shots for Coquitlam and Steve Orleman had 46 saves off of 54 shots for Brampton.

Here is the clip of Brampton goalie Steve Orleman being knocked down

Here is the clip of the official being knocked down after the game was over

Game four will be played tomorrow night at 7:00 MST/ 9:00 EST

The Chaos Has Settled, Coquitlam Takes a 2-0 Lead in the Minto Cup Finals

Photo Credit: Cliff McCraig
After 48 hours of madness we would finally have a game! Coquitlam would be able to overcome missing Ryland Rees and their offense looked very good as a big second period would help them secure the win and go up 2-0 in the series.

In the first quarter both teams would come out pretty strong. The offense’s looked pretty good on both sides, but so did the defense’s. There would be some pretty tight checking and great goalie play early on. Coquitlam would break the ice midway through the first with a Dylan Foulds goal to make it 1-0. Just a few minutes later Coquitlam would get their second of the game from Will Clay to make it a 2-0 lead. After some good looks on both sides and great defense Coquitlam would hold a 2-0 lead as the first period came to a close.

In the second period both teams really stepped up on offense as there was much more action on the offensive end of the floor. Jeff Teat would start the scoring out early in the second to finally get Brampton on the board. Coquitlam would answer in a big was as they went on a four goal run midway through the period. During that Coquitlam run Will Clayton would get two as Chase Scanlan and Dennon Armstrong would each get one. That run would make it a 6-1 Coquitlam lead midway through the second. Brampton would turn the heat up late in the quarter as they got some great looks on cage, especially in fast break. Clarke Peterson and Jake Boudreau would each get a goal for Brampton to close out the period.

The third would be a little slower pace but we would still see some exciting lacrosse as both teams battled back and fourth. Jeff Teat would start the scoring in the third with a goal early in the period. After a few defensive stands Teat would score again midway through to make it a one goal game. Coquitlam would answer with a goal from Ethan Ticehurst just about a minute later. After some physical play and the ball bouncing both ways for a while Ticehurst would get another for Coquitlam on an empty net to make it an 8-5 Coquitlam lead. That goal right there was in fact the dagger that Coquitlam needed to secure the win. Brampton would get a goal from Jake Boudreau in the final seconds but it obviously didn’t do much. Coquitlam would secure the 8-6 win to take game two of the Minto Cup finals.

For Brampton they were lead by Jeff Teat and Jake Boudreau. Both Teat and Boudreau ended the game with 4 points as Teat had 3 goals and 1 assist while Boudreau put up 2 goals and 2 assist. In goal for Brampton Steve Orleman would have a decent day as he had 28 saves off of 35 shots. Coquitlam was lead by Dennon Armstrong and Will Clayton. Armstrong had 5 goals (2G,3A) while Clayton put up 4 points (3G,1A). Christian Del Bianco had another great night in goal for Coquitlam with 45 saves off of 51 shots.

Game three of the Minto Cup will be played Friday night and it could be the championship game if Coquitlam gets the win.

2018, Not a Banner Year For The CLA

Photo Credit: Cliff McCaig
The Canadian Lacrosse Association (CLA) has not had the best track record as of late. First it was the dispute between the CLA and Player Association that almost blocked Canada from going to the FIL World Lacrosse Champions in Israel this summer. That was finally resolved and from then on it seemed like everything was going smoothly.
Well, the CLA is under fire again after what has unfolded over the past twenty four hours at the Minto Cup. First off, I want to say thanks to the Minto Cup organizers in Alberta as none of this is your fault at all. It is just a bad hand that the tournament organizers were dealt this year.
Back track to Tuesday night when the Minto Cup Finals kicked off. In a very well played and physical game between the Coquitlam Adanacs and Brampton Excelsiors Coquitlam would win and go up 1-0 in the best of five series. After the game was over Brampton head coach Dan Teat and star player Jeff Teat apparently verbally assaulted an official for some questionable calls made at the end of the game. Both Teats, player and coach, were assessed game penalties which result in a three game suspension. Jake Elliott reported the suspensions Wednesday morning as the lacrosse world started a frenzy with the #FreeJeffTeat. Little did we all know that things would get even more crazy as the day went on and eventually leading up to game two of the finals.
Before each of these national tournaments their are pre-tournament meetings to discuss things and agree on certain rules. One of those rules that was agreed on was that game penalties could not be appealed. Reminder that everyone agreed on this rule before the tournament started.
That rule would come into question after it was revealed that an appeal had been filed for the suspensions given to Jeff and Dan the night before. So, there is an appeal of what was perceived to be the game penalty assessed the night before when all teams agreed that appeals weren’t going to be allowed. That was just the tip of the iceberg. Later on reports came out that stated the CLA held a hearing and Jeff Teat may be able to play in game two.
As the teams came out to warm up for the game there was no Jeff Teat to be seen so it was clear he was still suspended, so we thought. Just minutes before the game the Minto Cup tweeted that their had been a hearing and Jeff Teat had just come on the floor. Dan Teat’s suspension was upheld. Jeff Teat was out warming up with Brampton as the officials came out onto the floor. The minute they saw Teat they left the building and said they would not officiate the game if Teat was playing.

As a result the game was delayed for a while. After what seemed like forever we finally heard news that game two of the Minto Cup had officially been cancelled.

Later it came out that Brampton was appealing the way the suspension was handled and that is completely allowed. So there were no rules broken here at all. Still it looks bad as they didn’t even inform anyone about it until the player came on to the floor to warm up. This is not any one’s fault but the CLA’s. You would also expect the officials to handle the situation a little better than they did as well.

Each and everyone of those players and coaches have put in countless hours of hard work to get to where they are and then it turns into a circus because of the higher ups. The CLA did exactly what they have done in the past, mess up. Things need to change and everyone knows it. Wednesday night was an embarrassment to everyone involved in the sport. At this point there are some people who are just calling for the tournament to be cancelled. I mean the seats have been practically empty all week and now it has turned into the circus. The sad part is that there is a lot of talent in the Minto Cup and it really is a grand event. Everyone involved in this tournament deserves much better than this.

At times like this I like to turn to the great things that lacrosse can do for people, the true medicine of the game. You didn’t have to look far away from the Minto Cup to see the medicine on Wednesday night. Coquitlam Adanacs goalie Christian Del Bianco came out after the game was cancelled and played with all the little kids that were there. Now that is what this sport is all about. Christian may never know the impact he made on those kids tonight but I can assure you that he did. It was just fantastic to see the true meaning of the game still alive and well after all that had transpired that night.

Jeff and Dan Teat Suspened

Photo Credit: Dave Fryer

On Wednesday morning it was reported by Jake Elliot that both Brampton Excelsiors player Jeff Teat and coach Dan Teat would be suspended for three games. 

This decision from the CLA comes after Tuesday’s game one of the Minto Cup Finals in which the Coquitlam Adanacs beat the Brampton Excelsiors 11-9. 
Both Jeff and Dan’s suspensions are the result of a match penalties assessed to both after game one for abuse of officials. The Minto Cup or CLA still has not made any sort of statement on the suspensions at this point in time. 

Coming into the finals Brampton was 3-0 and the favorite to win it all as they had blown past everyone in the round robin games. Jeff Teat currently leads the tournament in points with 33 (17G,16A). Teat is also the leader in the goal scoring department and second in the assistant column. Teat also plays for Cornell in the NCAA and was a Tewaaraton Nominee last season.This is a hugs loss for Brampton as they lose their best player and their head coach for three games, which could mean the rest of the finals as it’s a best of five series. Coquitlam currently leads 1-0 and the second game of the Minto Cup Finals will take place tonight at 7:00 PM MST.You can watch all the action from the 2018 Minto Cup on Alberta Lacrosse TV.

Coquitlam Takes 1-0 Lead Over Brampton in the Minto Cup Finals

Photo Courtesy of Coquitlam Adanacs
In a series that was supposed to be one sided in Brampton’s favor they would lose game one in a tight battle. People are starting to take back what they said about Coquitlam as they were able to defeat Brampton 11-9 to take a 1-0 lead in the 2018 Minto Cup Finals.
This was a very tightly contested game throughout as we saw these teams battle tooth and nail every possession. As this game got underway you could clearly see this was going to be a great game, and series, not a one-sided battle like many put it out to be.
Colin Munro would start the scoring off early in the game to give Coquitlam a 1-0 lead. Brampton would have a quick answer as Jeff Teat scored less than a minute later. Throughout the middle of the period we would see some great defensive play from squads as there was about eight minutes where we wouldn’t see a goal at all. Brampton would break the silence as Jeff Teat and Justin Sykes would have back to back goals to put Brampton up 2-1 nearing the end of the period. Chase Scanlan would score for Coquitlam and Clarke Peterson would net one for Brampton to end the period with Brampton holding a 4-2 lead.
A few minutes into the second period Jeff Teat would get his third goal of the game to give Brampton a 5-2 lead. Coquitlam wouldn’t be silenced that early as they answered the call. Ethan Ticehurst and Dennon Armstrong would get two goals in a row for Coquitlam. That would cut the Brampton lead to 5-3 midway through the second. Each squad would get a goal just a few seconds apart to make it a Brampton 6-5 lead heading into the third and final period.
The third period is where this game was won. It would still be tight, but we would see a big run from Coquitlam that set them over the edge. Coquitlam would start the third with a four goal run to give them a 9-6 lead early in the period. During that run Coquitlam would see goals from Josh Hofseth, Dylan Foulds, Chase Scanlan, and William Clayton. Brampton would answer with two goals of their own to make it a one goal 9-8 Coquitlam lead. Coquitlam would get two goals at the end of the game opposed to Brampton’s one in the final seconds of play. That big third period run would help Coquitlam get the 11-9 win and go up 1-0 in the series.
The point leaders for Brampton were Jeff Teat who had 5 points (3G,2A) and Clarke Petterson who had 7 points (2G,5A). In goal for Brampton was Steven Orleman who had 43 saves off of 53 shots. For Coquitlam their top point scorers were Larson Sundown with 5 points (1G,4A), Chase Scanlan with 4 points (2G,2A), and Jalen Chaster with 4 goals (4A). In goal for Coquitlam Christian Del Bianco had 37 saves off of 46 shots.

Coquitlam Defeats Okotoks to Advance to Fifth Straight Minto Cup Finals Apperance

Photo Courtesy of In Lacrosse We Trust

The Coquitlam Adanacs have advanced to the Minto Cup finals for the fifth time in a row as they defeated the Okotoks Raiders 11-5 in the play-in game.

Coquitlam really did dominate in this game and they never let Okotoks even sniff a comeback like the game these two played against each other. In the first period it would be the tightest it would be all game, but you could clearly see where the energy was leaning towards.

Coquitlam would get two goals early in the game to up 2-0. Okotoks would answer with a goal not even a minute later to make it 2-1 Coquitlam. We would then see some great defense for the majority of the period from both sides. Okotkos would break the score drought late in the period to tie things up at 2-2. Each team would score two more goals to make it 4-4 at the end of the first.

The second period is where Coquitlam would really start to take over both offense and defense. Coquitlam would get two early goals to start the period and make it a 6-4 lead. Okotoks would counter with an early goal of their own to make it a one goal game. After some transition and the ball bouncing both ways Coquitlam would get another goal to end the period and make it a 7-5 lead heading into the second intermission.

With Coquitlam leading 7-5 at the end of the second they would take over the third and eventually win the game. It would be nothing but Coquitlam goals in the final period as they scored four throughout the third. That would help them secure the 11-5 victory and yet another trip to the Minto Cup Finals.

Okotokos would be lead by Carter Brand who had three points (3G) and Levi Anderson with four points (4A). For Coquitlam we would see Dylan Foulds put up six points (2G,4A) while Dennon Armstrong had three points (2G,1A). Christian Del Bianco would again impress as he had 39 saves off of 44 shots for Coquitlam in the win.

With this win Coquitlam will face Brampton in the 2018 Minto Cup Finals. The best of five series is set to start on Tuesday night and will be broadcast on Alberta Lacrosse TV as the rest of the games have been.

Minto Cup Day 3 Recap: Round Robin Plays Wraps up

Photo Courtesy of Okotoks Raiders
Day three of the Minto Cup may have been the best day yet as both games were great and highly competitive. Also, with round robin play wrapped up we now enter the bracket stage of the Minto Cup where the top ranked team gets a buy to the finals while two and three have to play a play-in game. The Minto Cup finals is a best of three series

Coquitlam Adanacs vs Brampton Excelsiors – 9-12

This was big one, the one that everyone has been waiting for all week. Brampton vs Coquitlam certainly lived to they hype as we would some outstanding lacrosse being being played on the floor by both squads on Saturday. It was a good little preview of how good the finals should be this year as these two teams are the obvious favorites.
In the first period Coquitlam and Brampton would literally keep trading goals after goal for the whole period. It was an exciting brand of lacrosse as the offense’s were looking stellar on both ends. Brampton would get a slight upper hand as they scored two straight at the end of the first to help them to a 5-3 lead heading into the second. the second period would be just as tight as we would see both squads battle it out again. Brampton would seem to have a little more energy as they were able to go on a pretty decent run midway through the period. Jeff Teat would be a big part of Brampton’s offense in the second as he scored almost every goal for them in the period. With Brampton leading 11-7 heading into the third it looked like Brampton might have this one all wrapped up. However they would get just one goal in the third as Coquitlam mounted a little bit of a comeback with two goals. That just wouldn’t be enough as Brampton would get the 12-9 win and claim the number one spot. With this win Brampton advances to the Minto Cup Finals.
The top point scorers for Coquitlam were Chase Scanlan and Dylan Foulds, and Christian Del Bianco. Scanlan would put up five points (3G,2A) while Foulds had three points (2G,1A). In goal Christian Del Bianco had 30 saves off of 42 shots on goal. Brampton would be lead by Jeff teat, Jake Boudreau, Brendan Welsh, Steve Orelman among others. Teat would lead the game with eight points (5G,3A) while Boudreau was second with five points (3G,2A). Welsh would finish the day with four points (1G,3A). Steven Orelman played well in goal today as he had 31 saves off of 39 shots on goal in Brampton’s win.

Okotoks Raiders vs Calgary Mountaineers – 10-6

This was a big game as the Okotoks Raiders capture their first ever win at the Minto Cup, and against fellow Albert rival too. Now this would be the most highly contested game that these two teams had played in all week as they both got practically blown out both games.
It would be a slow start as we didn’t see a goal until almost ten minutes into the game. Calgary would score the first two goals midway through the first to give them a 2-0 lead heading into the second period. Calgary would continue their run into the second as they lead 4-0 early on. Okotoks would turn on the jets and attack the offensive end of the floor as they went on a 4-0 run to tie things up at 4-4 midway through second. Calgary wold get one and Okotoks would get two to end the second period with Okotoks leading 6-5. We would see Okotoks take over yet again in the third with a four goal run that spanned almost the whole period. Calgary would get the last goal of the game but the game had already been decided as Okotoks won 10-6 to claim their first ever win at the Minto Cup. It was even more special that it was over their rival in Calgary. Also, Okotoks now has a chance to go to the finals as they will play Coquitlam in the play-in game.
Calgary would be lead by Jake Foster as he had three points (2G,1A) on the day. In goal for Calgary was Laine Hruska who had 39 saves off of 49 shots on goal. In Okotoks case their top performers were Levi Anderson who had four points (3G,1A) and Brett McIntyre who also had four points (2G,2A). Elijah Uema-Martin would have 36 saves off of 42 shots of goal for Okotoks in the win.

Sunday Schedule

Play-In Game
Coquitlam Adanacs vs Okotoks Raiders 

Minto Cup Day 2 Recap: Teat and the Excelsiors Continue Impressive Run

Photo Courtesy of Brampton Excelsiors
The games today would be a little bit more competitive, at least one was, then yesterdays games. The one constant was that Coquitlam and Brampton continue to show that this is a business trip, especially Brampton. Also, the talent on the floor is obviously top notch and you can see in each of these teams.

Calgary Mountaineers vs Brampton Excelsiors – 3-15

The Excelsiors would just completely dominate this game as they put yet another game away in the first period. With a 9 goal run start for the Excelsiors it seemed that the Mountineers had no life at all until they would finally get their first goal of the game by way of Jake Foster midway through the second. The Excelsiors would continue to dominate through the rest of the second and the third period to secure the 15-3 victory in dominating fashion.
Some of the top performers for the Mountaineers would be Jake Foster with three points (2G,3A) and goalie Hruska Laine who had forty six saves against sixty one shots. For the Excelsiors they would have a whole slew of guys contribute a ton tonight. Jeff Teat, Austin Hasen, and Clarke Peterson would lead the game and their team in points with six a piece. Teat would have three goals and assist while Peterson would put up two goals and four assist. Austin Hasen finished the game with five assist and one goal. In cage for the Excelsiors Steven Orleman would twenty five saves off of twenty eight shots.

Okotoks Raiders vs Coquitlam Adanacs – 7-12

This game would be a little big closer and more contested throughout the entire game. The game would start off with the Adanacs having a huge first period as they would get out to a 9-2 lead. The Raiders would start to find some energy and fight back in the second period as they would cut the Adanacs lead to 11-5 heading into the third period. The Raiders would score two in the third and the Adanacs would score one to seal the deal. The Adanacs would get the 12-7 victory and hold off the Raiders comeback.
The top point scorers for the Raiders were Carter Brand, Tyler Sonnichsen, and Brett McIntyre as they each put up really good numbers Brand would lead his team with five points (2G,3A) while Sonnichsen and McIntyre each had four points a piece as they each had two goals and two assist.
The Adanacs top guys tonight would include Chase Scanlan, Colin Munro, and Christian Del Bianco. Scanlan would put up six points (3G,3A) while Munro would put up five points (2G,3A). Del Bianco was stellar in goal again tonight with thirty three saves off of forty shots.

Minto Cup Day 1 Recap: Coquitlam and Brampton Dominate, Teat Drops Fourteen

(Photo Credit: Mario Bartel/ The Tri-City News)
On day one of the 2018 Minto Cup both games were completely blowouts as one side dominated the other pretty much the whole way. Despite the blowout final scores we would still see some great high level lacrosse on display from each squad that took the floor.

Coquitlam Adanacs 16 vs Calgary Mountaineers 1

Coquitlam dominated from the opening whistle. The Adanacs stepped in the Mountaineers throats and never took their foot off. The biggest period for Coquitlam was the first as they score ten goals to make it a 10-1 lead at the first intermission. Coquitlam would then score four goals in the second and two goals in the third to secure the 16-1 victory in dominating fashion.
Some of the key players in the game for the Mountaineers were Jake Foster and Laine Hruska. Foster would get the Mountaineers their first and only goal of the game in the first quarter. Hruska came in at goal for the Mountaineers after they pulled Zachary Yopek-Stabel just seven minutes in. Hruska would finish the game with 30 saves on the day.
For Coquitlam they had a ton of guys contribute heavily. The top three point scorers for Coquitlam in this game were Larson Sundown, Chase Scanlan, and John Hosef. Sundown and Scanlan each had had seven points (3G, 4A) while Hosef had five (2G, 3A). The biggest performer for the Adanacs was none other than goalie Christian Del Bianco who started his last Minto Cup run on a high note. Del Bianco had 27 saves with a 96% save percentage.

Brampton Excelsiors 25 Okotoks Raiders 8

Much like the first game of the day this one would be a blowout as well. The game would start out more competitive as Brampton and Okotoks went back and fourth in the beginning of the first period. Brampton would soon take over and the rest was history. Brampton ended the first period with a ten goal run to make it 11-3 entering the second. The Domination would continue in the second and third periods as Brampton scored goal after goal, but Okotoks would occasionally get a goal here or there. Brampton would be able to walk away with a 25-8 win after a dominating performance like that.
For Okotoks their leading scorers were Brett Mcintyre, and Zach Mantei. Mcintyre would tally four points (3G, 1) while Mantei had two points (2G). In goal for the Raiders Jack Bruzell-Friesz and Elijah Uema-Martin would split time, but Uema-Martin would get the most minutes. Uema-Martin had 26 saves off of 38 shots with a save percentage of 68.
Brampton was lead by Jeff Teat who had fourteen points (6G, 8A). Justin Sykes and Brendan Welsh would also help lead the team to victory. Sykes had six points (2G, 4A) and Welsh also had six points (2G, 4A). In goal for the Excelsiors was Steven Orleman who played all sixty minutes. Orleman would have 28 saves with an 80% save percentage.

2018 Minto Cup Preview

(Photo Credit: Dave Fryer)
After the OJALL and RMLL Championships this week the 2018 Minto Cup has been set. The 2018 Minto Cup will be held in Alberta for the first time since 2011. Because it is being played in Alberts the ALA gets two teams and the BCJALL and OJALL champions make it as well. The field is as followed; Brampton Excelsiors (OJALL), Coquitlam Adanacs (BCJALL), Mountaineers (RMLL), and Okotoks Raiders (RMLL).

Team Previews

Brampton Excelsiors

The Excelsiors are coming off their first OJALL title since 1994 and their first OJALL finals run since 2009. The Excelsiors came into the playoffs as the number two seed. They would beat the Mimico Mountaineers in the first round and the Toronto Beaches in the semifinals. In the OJALL finals they defeated the Orangeville Northmen in five games as they won the best of seven series 4-1.
Brampton has no shortage of talent as the top three point scorers in the OJALL play for the Excelsiors. Clarke Peterson leads the league with 58 points (18G, 40A) while Jeff Teat has 48 points (22G, 26A) and Brenden Welsh has 42 points (12G, 30A). The Excelsiors Austin Hasen is the fifth leading point scorer and he has 38 points (12G, 26A). In cage for Brampton is Steve Orleman who is fifth in the OJALL in saves with 153 and a .627 save percentage.

Coquitlam Adanacs

The Adanacs seem to be a main stay in the Minto Cup as they will be making their tenth straight appearance in 2018. The BCJALL champions beat the Victoria Shamrocks in the semifinals to set a date in the finals against the New Westminster Salmonbellies. The Adanacs defeated the New Westminster Salmonbellies in six games as they won the best of seven series 4-2.
The Adnacs have a ton of talent as they have the second point scorer and the assist leader in the BCJALL. Dylan Foulds lead the BCJALL in assist and was second in points as he had 96 points (64A, 32G). Some of the other top players for Coquitlam are Dennon Armstrong and Gabe Procyk. Armstrong has 65 points (30G, 35A) on the season and Procyk has 51 points (24G, 27A). In cage they have none other than Christian Del Bianco who has been a stud for them and in the NLL for Calgary. Del Bianco lead the BCJALL in save percentage with .856 and 456 saves.

Jr. A Mountaineers

The Mounties were the RMLL runners up as they lost to the Jr. A Raiders in the finals. Since the tournament is being held in Calgary they get two teams in this year as both RMLL finalist will make the cut. To get to the RMLL finals the Mounties had to beat a tough Saskatchewan S.W.A.T team in the semifinals. They lost in the finals in game six as the Jr. A Raiders won the series 4-3.

Some of the players to be on the look out for on this Mounties team are Jake Foster, Jake Gillis, and Laszlo Henning. Foster and Foster each had 68 points in the regular season as Henning had 46 with 23 goals and 23 assist. That made Foster and Gillis tied for in points in the RMLL. In cage for the Mounties is Zachary Yobek Stabel. He has been good for them this season as Stabel has 124 saves with a 80% save percentage.

Jr. A Raiders

The Raiders come into the 2018 Minto Cup as the RMLL Junior A champions. They are the second Alberta team since Alberta gets two bids. The Raiders had a tough road to the Minto Cup as they had to beat the Jr. A Blues in a semifinal series that went to four games. They then defeated the Jr. A Mounties in seven games to win the Finals and capture a RMLL championship.
The Raiders have a lot of skilled and talented players on both sides of the ball just like every team here does. Their leaders on offense are Brett McIntyre, Zac Maneti, and Levi Anderson. McIntyre is second in points in the league with 72 (41G, 31A). Menit and Anderson are sixth and seventh in the league in points with 60 and 57 points respectably. In cage they have one of the best goalies in RMLL Jr.A with Joey Janvier who has an 80.8% save percentage and 168 saves. Jack Bruzzell-Friesz has also played in cage for the raiders as he has put up 41 saves with a 93.2% save percentage.