Founders Cup: Bracket Play Starts

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The 2018 Founders Cup got underway on Tuesday in Akwesasne, Ontario at A’nowara’ko:wa Arena. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday teams played round robin games in their respective pool, pool A or B. The results of these games would determine who is placed where once bracket play starts on Friday. You can watch all of the games from the 2018 Founders Cup FREE with JVI Sports Network.

Round Robin Results

Tuesday, August 14th

Game 1: Saskatchewan SWAT vs Manitoba Blizzard – Final: 6-10

Game 2: North Shore Kodiaks vs Calgary Shamrocks – Final: 6-13

Game 3: Coquitlam Adanacs vs Seneca War Chiefs – Final: 5-12

Game 4: Mohawk Medicine Men vs Elora Mohawks – Final: 8-16

Wednesday, August 15th

Game 5: North Shore Kodiaks vs Coquitlam Adanacs – Final: 5-12
Game 6: Elora Mohawks vs Manitoba Blizzard – Final: 17-8
Game 7: Saskatchewan SWAT vs Mohawk Medicine Men – Final: 8-15
Game 8: Seneca War Chiefs vs Calgary Shamrocks – Final: 8-9 (OT)

Thursday, August 16th

Game 9: Elora Mohawks vs Saskatchewan SWAT – Final: 9-5
Game 10: Calgary Shamrocks vs Coquitlam Adanacs – Final: 7-14
Game 11: Seneca War Chiefs vs North Shore Kodiaks – Final: 18-2
Game 12: Mohawk Medicine Men vs Manitoba Blizzard – Final: 7-13

Pool Standings

The top two teams in each pool will advance to the Tier I bracket and the last two teams in each pool advance to the Tier II bracket. In the first round of bracket play teams are match up with the team below them in the other pool. So, number one in pool A plays number 2 in pool B and so on.

Pool A

1. Elora Mohawks (3-0)
2. Manitoba Blizzard (2-1)
3. Mohawk Medicine Men (1-2)
4. Saskatchewan SWAT (0-3)

Pool B

1. Seneca War Chiefs (2-1)
2. Coquitlam Adanacs (2-1)
3. Calgary Shamrocks (2-1)
4. North Shore Kodiaks (0-3)


Tier I Bracket

Tier II Bracket

Friday Schedule

Game 13: Mohawk Medicine Men vs North Shore Kodiaks – 11:00AM
Game 14: Calgary Shamrocks vs Saskatchewan SWAT – 2:00PM
Game 15: Elora Mohawks vs Coquitlam Adanacs – 5:00PM
Game 16: Seneca War Chiefs vs Manitoba Blizzard – 8:00PM

2018 Founders Cup Preview

Photo Courtesy of the Canadian Lacrosse Association

The 2018 Founders cup kicks off on Tuesday August, 13th in the Mohawks Territory in Akwesasne, Ontario at A’nowara’ko:wa Arena. This is a five day tournament that will feature seven of the best junior B lacrosse teams across Canada. Representing the FNJBLL will be the host Mohawk Medicine Men and the FNJBLL champions Seneca War Chiefs. The North Shore Kodiaks will be representing Quebec as they won on OJCLL championship. Ontario will be represented by the OJBLL champions Elora Mohawks. The Manitoba Blizzard will be representing Manitoba as the RMLL Jr. B Tier I east division champions. The Junior B Saskatchewan S.W.A.T will be representing Saskatchewan. Alberta will be represented by the RMLL Jr. B Tier I champions Calgary Shamrocks and British Columbia by the BCJBLL champion Coquitlam Adanacs. 

Team Previews

*Stats were not available for all teams*

Mohawk Medicine Men

The host Mohawk Medicine Men are a newer team as they just began play in 2017. They finished second in the First Nations Junior B Lacrosse League (FNJBLL) in 2017 with a 4-5 record. In 2018 the Medicine Men finished last in the league with a 2-9 record. In the 2018 playoffs they would lose in the semifinals to the Tyendinaga Thunder as they got swept in the best of three series. 

Seneca War Chiefs

The War Chiefs are coming into the 2018 Founders Cup after winning the 2018 FNJBLL championship. The Seneca War chiefs 12-0 in the regular season, thus claiming the number one seed in the playoffs. In the FNJBLL playoffs they advanced to the finals as the Onondaga Jr.B Red Hawks had to forfeit the semifinals. In the finals the Seneca War Chiefs would defeat the Tyendinaga Thunder in the third game of the best of three series to capture the 2018 FNJBLL championship.

North Shore Kodiaks

The Kodiaks are heading to the 2018 Founders Cup as the representatives from Quebec and the Ontario Junior C Lacrosse League (OJCLL). The Kodiaks finished firth in the far east division as they went 2-3. They would get knocked out of the playoffs in the first round by the Peterborough Lakers. 
For the Kodiaks their top three scorers are Davin Miller, Stuart Johnston, and Raphael Lamothe. Miller had 50 points (25G, 25) in the regular season and 18 points (8G, 10A) in the playoffs. For Johnston he put up 45 points (16G, 19A) in the regular season and 12 points (5G, 8A) in the playoffs. Lamothe had 33 points (22G, 11A) in the regular season. In goal for the Kodiaks is Felix-Antoine Simard who has played the most minutes for North Shore this season. Simard recorded 42 saves with a .328 save percentage in the regular season. David Pellicione also saw a lot of playing time for the Kodiaks this season in goal. Pellicione would have 46 saves with a .359 save percentage in the regular season. 

Elora Mohawks

The Elora Mohawks come into the 2018 Founders Cup as the Ontario Junior B Lacrosse League (OJBLL) champions. The Mohawks went 17-3  during the regular season as they sat atop the Mid West division. In the playoff the Mohawks would beat the Niagara Thunder in the first round, Wallaceburg Red Devils in the second, and the Six Nations Rebels in the semifinals. In the finals the Elora Mohawks faced off against the Green Gales. The Mohawks would win the series 3-1. 
The top point scorers for the Mohawks are forwards Kurtis Woodland and Cole Spear. Woodland was eighth in points during the regular season with 98 (39G, 59A). In the playoffs Woodland had 64 points (34G, 30A). Spear put up 76 points (37G, 39A) in the regular season and 69 points (35G, 34A) during the playoffs. The Mohawks have two goalie that have shared time this season in Matt Humphrey and Landon Kells. During the regular season Humphrey had 292 saves with a .872 saves percentage and Kells had 373 saves with a .874 saves percentage. Landon Kells would see much more playing time in the playoffs as he had 569 saves with a .834 save percentage. 

Manitoba Blizzard

The Manitoba Blizzard are coming into the 2018 Founders cup after a Rocky Mountain Lacrosse League (RMLL) Jr. B Tier I- East championship. The Blizzard finished the regular season with an 18-2 record. In the playoffs they defeated the Saskatchewan S.W.A.T but then lost to the Shamrocks, Rampage, and Rebels. 
The Blizzard have a ton of offensive talent as the top four point leaders in the division play for the Blizzard. Kelson Borisenko lead the division with 82 points (37G, 45A) in the regular season and Troy Gutowski was second in the division with 80 points (34G, 46A). The third and fourth point leaders were Colin Poitras with 75 points (34G, 41A) and Andrew Szun with 74 points (28G, 48A). In goal for the Blizzard is the RML JR. B save percentage leader Kody Johnson. Johnson would have 83 saves and an 88.3 percent save percentage during the regular season. 

Saskatchewan S.W.A.T

After finishing second in the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse League (RMLL) Jr. B Tier I- East division the Saskatchewan S.W.A.T. are heading to the Founders Cup. The SWAT finished the regular season with an 8-12 record as they finished second in their division. They would win their first round series with the Barracuda Lacrosse Club (Fish) but then lose to the Manitoba Blizzard. 
The SWAT have two of the top ten points leaders in the division. Matthew Wist was fifth in points with 51 (28G, 46A) in the regular season. In the playoffs Wist had 6 points (1G, 5A). Jordan Boyenko was tenth in points in the division this past season. Boyenko had 44 points (24G, 20A) in the regular season and 6 points (2G, 4A) in the playoffs. Graydon Hartley and Erik Deksen both played signifiant minutes in goal for the SWAT. Hartley had 59 saves with an 88.1 save percentage that was second in the division. Dekersen was third in the league in terms of save percentage as he had 101 saves with an 81.5 percent save percentage. 

Calgary Shamrocks

The Mountain Lacrosse League (RMLL) Jr. B Tier I champions will be at the Founders cup representing Alberta. The Shamrocks went 18-2  in the regular season as they won their division. During the playoffs they beat the Mountaineers, Rampage, Rebels, Blizzard, and the Rampage again as they ended their season on a high note with a championship and Founders Cup berth. 
The Shamrocks have a lot of offensive firepower as they have the top three point scorers in the division. Eric Lemire put up 86 points (32G, 54A) during the regular season to lead the division. The second leading point scorer in the division is Colby Frasier who had 75 points (42G, 33A) in the regular season. Cordell Hastings was the third point leader in the division with 73 points (40G, 33A). In goal for the Shamrocks Nik Solanovic was second in the division with an 80.9 save percentage and 169 saves.

Coquitlam Adanacs

The Coquitlam Adanacs are coming into the 2018 Founders cup after losing in the British Columbia Junior B Lacrosse League(BCJBLL) Tier I finals series 2-1 against the Victoria Shamrocks. The BCJBLL wasn’t going to send the tier I champion to the Founders Cup so if a team wanted to go they had to pay their own way. The Adanacs showed the most interest and thus were chosen to represent the league at the Founders Cup.

The Adanacs leading point scorers are Brian Smith and Matt Smioge. In the regular season Smith had a total of 53 points (22G, 31A). Smioge would tally 50 points (23G, 27A) during the regular season. In goal for the Adanacs Gordie Bowden would played the majority of the minutes as the starter. Bowden had 432 saves with a.832 save percentage during the regular season.