MLL Standouts: Week Seven

Photo Courtesy of Denver Outlaws/MLL                                                                                                         

Week seven of the MLL season saw four game take place, but it was a little different with two of those games being played on Thursday afternoon. In those Thursday afternoon games, the New York Lizards beat the Boston Cannons 15-2 and the Denver Outlaws beat the Atlanta Blaze 18-17. 

In addition to those two games, the Boston Cannons beat the Atlanta Blaze 17-16 on Saturday and the Chesapeake Bayhawks defeated the Dallas Rattlers 13-11 on Sunday. 

Here are some players that really stood out during week seven of the MLL season. 


Rookie midfielder Brendan Sunday continues to put on a show, adding more fuel to fire that is the Atlanta Blaze offense. Sunday has been stepping up and improving each week, but this past weekend may have just been the best he has looked in an Atlanta Blaze uniform. 

The Atlanta Blaze offense has been one of the most electric this season, and Sunday has been at the forefront of it all. The midfielder has been able to really be that catalyst from the midfield that they have needed. He thrives as both a passing and scoring threat, and no one seemed to be able to slow him down. 

Sunday’s great weekend started on Thursday when he tallied five points (4G/1A) in Atlanta’s loss at Denver. He then upped that performance on Saturday, tallying seven points (4G/3A) in Atlanta’s loss against Boston.


Boston Cannons Veteran defenseman PT Ricci has continued to impress throughout his career, and did so once again this past week. While Boston went 1-1 over the weekend, Ricci was on his game in both games as a leader on defense. 

Just as usual, Ricci was giving every opposing player a very tough time getting anything going at all. He was all over the defensive end and really showed why he has been successful in this league for such a long time. The veteran continues to prove why he has been in the league for as long as he has. 

On Thursday, Ricci just had one ground ball as Boston lost to New York. Ricci really made an impact on Saturday, helping Boston hold off Atlanta’s comeback. The veteran had three ground balls and one caused turnover in Saturday’s game. 


New York Lizards goalie Austin Kaut has been putting on a show each game this season. He really aided the New York defense in a much needed win over Boston on Thursday. 

While New York hasn’t been the best team this season, their defense has been a bright spot. On Thursday, Kaut was one of the brightest stars on that end of the field for New York. Kaut was able to make save after save, especially in the second half, to help New York complete the comeback and secure the win. 

Kaut made 18 saves off of 30 shots in New York’s comeback win against Boston on Thursday. 


Denver Outlaws attackman Chris Aslanian has been one of the most impressive rookies this season. Aslanian was up to his shenanigans again this past week, making the opposing defense look silly while making a difference in every way possible. 

The rookie continues to be one of the Outlaws’ main offensive threats, making an impact as a goal scorer and a feeder. Aslanian really aided Denver this weekend as he tore it up against the Atlanta defense, leading Denver in the 18-17 victory. 

Aslanian led the way for Denver with five points (4G/5A) in their win over Atlanta on Thursday. 



Dylan Molloy Leads New York Past Boston

Photo Courtesy of New York Lizards                                                                                                                

The New York Lizards used a huge second half performance to take down the Boston Cannon 15-12 on Thursday afternoon. The Lizards put on an impressive display at both ends, especially in the second half, to secure the win. 

While it was a full team effort from New York that ultimately led them to victory Dylan Molloy seemed to be leading the charge for New York’s offense as he was the leader all game long. 

The star-studded attackman was really able to set the tone for the Lizards offense in the first half when their effort as a team was lacking. Molloy was able to do his thing, using his body to get pressure the defense and get quality looks on cage.

Molloy really set the tone for the rest of the offense as the entire unit seemed to follow his lead. He was able to get looks all over the field, converting from inside and out on the wings. 

While Molloy started the second half with maybe the best goal of the game he started to draw more attention, thus becoming more of a facilitator. Molloy was able to get it done as a passer, setting guys up and being the catalyst for plays in the six on six set.

He also did a lot of those little gritty things that really impact the game and boost a teams momentum. Molloy was hustling after ground balls, riding hard, and even drew multiple penalties which gave his team a man-up opportunity in return. 

Molloy ended the game with four goals and three ground balls as he helped lead the Lizards to victory. 

MLL Standouts: Week Six

Photo Courtesy of Smug Mug                                                                                                                             

Week six of the MLL season saw a lot of action, and it all started on Thursday night with the Denver Outlaws annual Fourth of July game. This year Denver hosted the Chesapeake Bayhawks and secured the 14-13 win. 

In the lone Saturday night game the Chesapeake Bayhawks beat the Atlanta Blaze 16-13. On Sunday the Boston Cannons defeated the Dallas Rattlers 15-11 and the Atlanta Blaze beat the New York Lizards 12-11. 

Here are some players that really stood out during week six of the MLL season. 


It’s been said over and over again. Lyle Thompson is the best player in the world. That statement rang true this weekend as he put on an absolute show in both of the Bayhawks games. 

The attackman lit up the crowds in both games with his usual insane finishes and impressive plays that look nearly impossible. Thompson was the focal point of the offense, but as usual he did much more than just put up points. 

Thompson, as usual, was the hardest working player on the field at any given time. The attackman was not only scoring, but riding harder and more efficiently than other players in transition. As a result he also racked up a few caused turnovers and ground balls in both games. 

In the Chesapeake loss against Denver on Thursday, Thompson had six points (5G,1A). In the win against Atlanta he tallied eight points (5G,3A). Thompson is now first in the league in points with 25. 


On Sunday the Boston Cannons sent the Dallas Rattlers searching elsewhere for their first win of the season. While Boston got the win by a score of 15-11 this game was pretty wide open until the final period. 

Veteran defenseman PT Ricci can be given a ton of credit for Boston pulling out this one as he really helped lead the defense. Ricci’s performance helped the Cannons really get their transition started quickly, especially in the second half when they needed it most to start pulling away. 

Ricci was giving every opposing player a very tough time getting anything going at all. He was all over the defensive end and really showed why he has been successful in this league for such a long time. 

In Boston’s win over Dallas Ricci recorded one caused turnover while also scooping up four ground balls. 


On Thursday night Dillon Ward yet again proved to the lacrosse world why he is considered one of the best, if not the best, goalie in the sport right now. Ward stood on his head, helping to lead the Denver defense all game. 

While the weather delay did seem to mess with Ward a tad bit due to how the ball was bouncing he recovered quickly. Ward’s dominance came out early when he shut the door on Lyle Thompson, even after a few fakes were thrown. It was simply a world class play by a world class player. 

He also got hot down the stretch when the game was in the balance, helping to pull out the Denver win. Ward finished the game with 12 saves off of 26 shots on goal. 


Atlanta was put in a difficult situation this weekend when Randy Staats – the team’s leading scorer – was ejected in the second quarter of Saturday’ game against Chesapeake and given a one-game suspension. 

With that hole to fill rookie midfielder Brendan Sunday stepped up to the challenge and absolutely delivered with his play on the offensive end. Sunday was not only a contributor, but a key figure in both games for Atlanta over the weekend. He thrived as both a passing and scoring threat, and no one seemed to be able to slow him down. 

In Atlanta’s loss against Chesapeake Sunday tallied five points (3G,2A). The midfielder had three points (2G,1A) while also scooping up 3 ground balls in Atlanta’s win against New York. 

Can Dallas Finally Get Things Clicking? 

The Dallas Rattlers have been one of the more depressing stories of the season as they have yet to win a game, sitting at 0-6 on the season. While Dallas hasn’t won a game they have shown signs of growth as a young team and the future is certainly bright. 

Dallas showed again this weekend against Boston that they can play with anyone. The question that many have is can Dallas finally put together a full game? They have had great quarters and can hang for a half, but past that something is just not clicking as of yet. 

On defense for Dallas they have been pretty decent with Christian Carson-Banister in cage while Jake Pulver, Craig Chick, and others lead that close defense group. Also, Eli Salama has been a stellar LSM getting it done each and every week. 

While Dallas has had a somewhat impressive defense, it’s the offense that seems to still be lagging behind. Even with Bryce Wasserman, Lucas Wittenberg, and others points are still hard to come by. They have improved and shown great promise but those chances have been very minimal. Dallas has the ability to push their foot on the gas and go in the fast lane all game long.

The only thing stopping them is their own mistakes and growing pains. It’s a slow process, but things can look much better in Rattler land. 


MLL Suspends Randy Staats and Warren Jeffrey Following In-Game Scrum

Photo Courtesy of Atlanta Blaze/MLL                                                                                                              

On Sunday, Major League Lacrosse (MLL) announced that Atlanta Blaze attackman Randy Staats and Chesapeake Bayhawks defenseman Warrem Jeffrey had each been handed a one-game suspension following an altercation between the two in Saturday night’s game. 

The altercation between the two took place early in the second quarter. The scrum quickly turned into a fight with both players appearing to throw punches. Both players were ejected following the scrum. There were multiple other players penalized on both sides following the incident. 

Chesapeake went on to win the game by a score of 16-13. The game was interrupted by a pretty lengthy weather delay after the first half. 

Before getting ejected, Warren Jeffrey scooped up one ground ball and caused one turnover. Randy Staats tallied 2 points (1G,1A). 

Staats, sixth in the league in points, will serve his suspension today as the Atlanta Blaze face the New York Lizards. Jeffrey will be serving his suspension next week on Sunday, July 14th as the Chesapeake Bayhawks face the Dallas Rattlers. 

Rookie Chris Aslanian Proving His Worth With The Outlaws

Photo Courtesy of Denver Outlaws/MLL                                                                                                         

The Denver Outlaws currently sit atop the MLL standings with a 5-1 record through six and a half weeks of the season. While Denver has a very stout defense, their offense has been extremely consistent early in the season as well. 

Denver certainly has no shortage of offensive star power with  players like Zach Currier and John Grant Jr, but rookie Chris Aslanian may be one of the most crucial pieces of the Outlaws offense. The Hobart product’s game has somewhat evolved in just a few moths from college to pro.

No longer “The Guy’ for his team, a new role and higher caliber options on all sides have certainly contributed to Aslanian’s development early in his pro career. Aslanian may have been known more for his goal scoring ability at Hobart, but with the Outlaws he has evolved into more of an elite passing threat more than a pure goal scorer. 

Aslanian seems to always be a step ahead of the defense with his ability to see plays develop before anyone else. He has been a backbone of sorts for the Outlaws with his insane feeding ability. The rookie can make cross field passes on dime, find a cutter when working behind the cage at ‘X’, and keep the ball progressing in transition. He simply makes a difference. 

While Aslanian’s passing game is next level, the rookie is still a fantastic scorer who can get it done from all over the field. While not unleashed every game, Aslanian is a sharpshooter who can send bombs from up top and in the mid-range. As an X attackman, Aslanian also has the ability to blow by his defender, get to the cage, and finish inside.

His ability as a feeder is what many have seen during his first six games in the MLL, but it’s his versatility that allows him to fit him into that Denver offensive system so well. They can count on Aslanian to do whatever they need that particular game or in that moment. With his ability to be an elite passer and shooter he can contribute in many ways, aiding his team to the fullest. 

Through six games Aslanian has tallied 16 points (10G,6A). Most recently, Aslanian tallied 5 points (2G,3A) to help Denver in their comeback 14-13 win at home over Chesapeake on July 4th.

Aslanian is a pure offensive threat and as his game progresses as a pro he can only get better. Justing being a rookie, Aslanian has plenty of time to develop even more and become a consistent threat in this league for years to come. 

MLL Standouts: Week Five

(Photo Courtesy of Atlanta Blaze)                                                                                                                     

This past weekend saw a lot of action with four games in all, and it all started on Thursday night as the Denver Outlaws took down the Dallas Rattlers, leaving Dallas still searching for a win. 

We also saw the Atlanta Blaze give the Boston Cannons their first loss while the New York Lizards beat the Dallas Rattlers on Saturday to secure their first win of the season. Due to so much action this weekend there were a lot of great performances from teams and players alike. 

Here are some of those guys that really did impress during week five of the MLL season. 


This may have been crazy to think a few months ago, but John Grant Jr. put on an absolute clinic on Saturday night, defying father time and turning back the clock as usual. 

The 44-year old helped Denver secure a dominating 15-9 win over Dallas on Saturday as he scored 4 goals. Grant’s performance was phenomenal and arguabey one of the best so far this season. He put his creativity on display while getting it done as a goal scorer and dishing out crafty passes all over the field as well. Grant was just on another level, giving Denver a major boost in the win. 

In the first half he scored on a one-handed between the legs shot. That shot was later seen on the Sports Center Top 10 that night. 


Despite coming up short, Dallas Rattlers LSM Eli Salama proved his worth on Saturday night against New York. He was very disruptive against the New York defense and really aided the Dallas transition offense as well. 

Salama caused 3 turnovers while also scooping up 4 ground balls. He was simply all over the field and really made his presence know. The LSM really gave Dallas an extra boost that their defense has been looking for all season. 

In addition to his defensive efforts, Salama also found himself in the scoring column after letting a two-pointer fly early in the third quarter.


The Atlanta Blaze handed the Chesapeake Bayhawks their first loss of the season on Saturday night, ruining their home-opener. A big part of the Blaze’s win can be contributed to goalie Chris Madalon who stood on his head all night. 

Madalon ended the game with 19 saves off of 29 shots on goal. While his save numbers speaks for itself, Madalon’s performance effected the entire Blaze defense as they looked as goof as they have all year. Madalon really was the anchor of it all in cage, making a big difference in the game for sure. 


Denver Outlaws attackman Chris Aslanian has been one of the most impressive rookies thus far, and he was back on his game over the weekend. The rookie was a catalyst of the Outlaws offense in their narrow win over Boston. 

The Hobart product ended the game with  4 points (3G,1A) to help give the Denver offense a big boost. Aslanian was getting it done from multiple spots on the field, showcasing his style of play and scoring ability once again. 

New York’s Offense Waking Up

One of the biggest storylines coming out of this week was that of the New York Lizards offense. While they have one of the best units, personnel wise, in the league that hasn’t translated to good performances or wins. Well, they finally got over the hump this week with their star-studded offense leading the way. 

New York finally found a way to get everybody touches and make it work. Dylan Molloy and Ryan Walsh each tallied hat tricks while Rob Pannell and Kevin Crowley each scored two goals. The Lizards were red hot and firing on all cylinders in their win against Dallas, zinging the ball around and really showing what they can do as a unit. 

Being 1-4 is never a good thing at this point in the season, but they still have a chance to turn things around and make a push for the playoffs. If the Lizards continue this offensive trend it will be hard for any defense to stop them as they can keep their foot on the gas all game. 

MLL Standouts: Week Four

Photo Courtesy of Boston Cannons                                                                                                                   

This past weekend saw just two games in the MLL as the Atlanta Blaze defeated the Dallas Rattlers 13-11 on Friday and the Boston Cannons beat the New York Lizards by a score of 18-11 on Saturday. 

Eve with just two games, one common thread this past weekend did seem to be the transition play as a lot of guys were getting up and down the field a lot more than in the previous few weeks. 

While there were just two games this past weekend there were some great personal and team performances in each game. Here are some of those guys that really did impress during week four of the MLL season. 


It’s Bryan Cole’s world and we are all just living in it. The attackman went off on Friday night, helping Atlanta secure the 13-10 home win against Dallas to move to 2-1 on the season. 

Cole was unstoppable in the win, tallying 5 points (4G,1A). He was the go to man for the Blaze and seemed to be able to get it done almost everywhere on the field. Cole was especially dangerous in transition and unsettled situations, taking advantage of a jumble Rattlers defense. 

While he wowed fans with his scoring ability, Cole put on an impressive display of passing as well. Only credited with one assist, Cole had multiple “hockey assist” and made smart passes that initiated scoring opportunities. 


While there were some great defensive performance this past week, Boston Cannons’s defenseman James Fahey put on one of the best performances. The defenseman’s efforts may not pop out on the stat sheet, but he was crucial for the Cannons.

Fahey helped lead a stellar defensive performance for the entire Cannons defense. He was allover the field, locking down his man, making timely slides, and even getting involved in the transition game as well. 


Despite the loss, Dallas Rattlers goalie Christian Carson-Banister put on a very impressive display in cage on Friday night against Atlanta. Carson-Banister absolutely stood on his head and made some huge saves that helped keep the game closer than it could have been.

Carson-Banister ended the game with 11 saves off of 24 shots on goal. Many of those saves came in the second half when he really got hot. He was able to shut the door on Atlanta in transition, outside shots, and even shots that came right on the inside from some of the biggest threats on the field. Carson-Banister was simply a brick wall on Friday night.

Rookie Of The Week

One of the best rookie performances of the week came from Boston LSM/D Ryland Rees. The rookie out of Stony Brook was phenomenal in the Cannons 18-11 win over the New York Lizards. 

Rees was all over the field, causing havoc on both ends like usual. The rookie ended the game with 4 caused turnovers, 6 ground balls, and added one goal as well. Rees was simply a difference maker out there on the field for Boston in the win. 

Staying On Top

It may not come as a surprise to many that both Atlanta and Boston got wins this weekend. They are both currently sitting among the top three teams in the standings. 

Atlanta had high expectations coming in to the season regarding the offensive prowess and youthful team they possess. They have put that on display and it has seemed to work very well in their favor as they sit at 2-1 and are currently in third place.

Now they will nee to keep this energy moving forwards, but if Friday’s win taught us anything it’s that Atlanta has the ability to stay in games and keep other teams out, even when the going gets tough. 

Boston hasn’t been very successful for quite sometime now, but this year looks like they can turn that dynamic around. The Cannons are really leaning on this impressive defense they have as well as some great talent on the offensive end. 

With a great mix of talent at both end it seems this Cannons team has found their stride early. If they keep it up is yet to be seen, but they have been able to break away at really any point in the game and that should surely help them down the stretch. 


Pat Spencer To Play Basketball At Northwestern As A Grad Transfer

Pat Spencer celebrates a goal
Photo Courtesy of US Lacrosse Magazine                                                                                                        

As first reported by Jeff Goodman, former Loyola attackaman Pat Spencer will be heading to Northwestern to play basketball as a grad transfer next season. Spencer won the Tewaaraton Award last month, following his senior season at Loyola. 

Spencer is an all-star on the lacrosse field, wowing the crown with his amazing skill, stick work, and athleticism. During his time at Loyola Spencer helped lead the Greyhounds to four NCAA tournament appearances, making it to championship weekend during his freshman season in 2016. 

As a senior in 2019 Spencer led the Greyhounds to an NCAA quarterfinal appearance, losing to Penn State. Spencer tallied 114 points (49G,65A), finishing second in the nation in points. Spencer wrapped up his career with 380 points (149G,231A), setting Loyola and Patriot League records in both points and assist. 

Pat Spencer was drafted first overall by Archers LC in the PLL draft and also drafted 7th overall by the Chesapeake Bayhawks in the MLL draft. Spencer will have a professional choice to make as to which league he wants to play in, but first he will be taking his talents to the basketball court. 

Spencer played basketball in high school at Boys Latin. He was apparently really good in high school and had also garnered much praise from former college and NBA players that he played with and against in a summer league. 

His style of play on the lacrosse field even looks like he is playing basketball. The footwork, the IQ, all of it. Spencer’s younger brother Cam will be a freshman at Loyola next year, playing basketball for the Greyhounds. 

Lacrosse fans will surely flock to watch Northwestern on television and even in person due to Spencer being there. This coming basketball season should be an exciting time for lacrosse fans. 


MLL Standouts: Week Two

Photo Courtesy of Denver Outlaws                                                                                                                   

During the second week of the 2019 MLL season we saw just two games, but both very very highly competitive at that. Both games saw some unreal performances from both sides, individually and team wise. 

Offensive Performance Of The Week

In their 16-10 road win against Dallas the Boston Cannons offense was on fire. A big reason for that was the production from Kyle Jackson. The attackman was a scoring machine on Sunday, scoring four goals in the win. 

Jackson and the entire Boston offense has really take off early in the season as they now sit at 2-0. 

Defensive Performance Of The Week

While the Dallas defensive unit as a whole didn’t put up that great of a performance last week Jake Pulver was the outlier for that unit. Pulver was able to lock down his man and was quick on slides, trying all he could to help out the Rattlers on the defensive end. 

Pulver caused 3 turnovers in the Rattlers 16-10 home loss against the Boston Cannons on Sunday. Pulver really was the chameleon for the Dallas offense, making play seemingly out of nowhere. 

Goalie Of The Week

A big part of the Boston Cannons win over the Dallas Rattlers on Sunday was the impressive play in goal they got from Nick Marrocco. The goalie stood on his head all game, anchoring the Boston defense. 

Marrocco made 15 saves off of 25 shots on goal in the win for Boston. 

Rookie Of The Week

Each week of the MLL season there are rookies that step up and play huge parts in their team’s performance. This past week Chris Aslanian broke through once again, helping the Outlaws take down the Blaze in Atlanta. 

In the win, Aslanian tallied 3 points (2G,1A). The Hobart product and second round draft pick has had a very good start to his MLL career, tallying 6 points in his first two games with the Outlaws.

Fantastic Faceoff Man

Rookie Alex Woodall had his second battle with Max Adler this past weekend as the Blaze and Outlaws battled it out on Saturday night. In his second MLL game and second time against Adler, one of the league’s best, Woodall faired very well.

The rookie went 52% at the faceoff dot, winning 18-34 faceoffs. Woodall was crucial early on in the game, helping Atlanta spark early offense. 

Breaking Records

The biggest storyline coming out of week two was John Grant Jr. breaking the MLL career points record. The 44 year old veteran who just came out of retirement a few weeks ago tallied 3 points (1G,2A) to help get his 597th career point, breaking the record previously held by former Lizards midfielder Paul Rabil. 

Grant’s efforts not only earned him the title of all-time point scorer in MLL history, but also helped the Outlaws get the win, beating Atlanta 18-16. 



MLL Standouts: Week One

Photo Courtesy of Boston Cannons                                                                                                                   

Just like any professional sports league, week one of the MLL season is always seems to be a little more sloppy, in terms of play on the field. Players are adjusting to new teammates, systems, or are simply just tying to get back into the groove of playing a full sixty minutes of pro lacrosse. 

While there are many players that are still shaking off rust in week one there are certainly a good number of players that look to be in mid-season form and standout amongst the rest with impressive performances, stat lines, and more. This past weekend there was certainly plenty of that across the league, and at every single position. 

Best Offensive Performance

Mark Cockerton shot the lights out as he helped the Boston Cannons beat the New York Lizards 13-12 in their season opener at home. Cockerton was simply electric all night long, being the guy for Boston on the offensive end. The attackman tallied 6 goals, including 4 in the first half alone. 

Best Defensive Performance

Looking at the box score from either of Denver’s games this weekend won’t tell you half of what Finn Sullivan did in week one. Sullivan has been known in the MLL as more of an underrated defenseman, but he might have lifted that tag this weekend after his efforts against New York attakman Rob Pannell in Denver’s win on Friday night. 

Sullivan was able to shut down Pannell, only allowing him two assists. Sullivan was all over Pannell from all game, being a pest that the New York offense had trouble dealing with. Sullivan was in Panell’s hands the second he had the ball and rarely let the attackman even gain a meaningful possession. 

Outstanding Goalie

Denver Outlaws goalie Dillon Ward showed the world why he is the best in the world this past weekend. The 6-foot-5 veteran put on one heck of a display, helping the Outlaws to an 11-9 season opening win on the road against New York. Ward made 19 saves and stood on his head down the stretch to really help subdue any comeback the Lizards had in mind.

On Sunday in the Outlaws 14-12 loss at Atlanta Ward made 5 saves, according to the MLL official stats. 

Rookie Of The Week

Lucas Wittenberg had himself a fantastic MLL debut, besides the loss. The midfielder out of Georgetown had 4 goals for Dallas in their home opening 14-11 loss against Chesapeake. Wittenberg really put on a great display of offense, helping to lead the way for Dallas. 

Fantastic Faceoff Man

There were a lot of great performances from faceoff guys this week but the best came from Chesapeake Bayhawks faceoff man Kenny Massa. Massa was crucial n the Bayhawks season opening 14-11 win at Dallas, getting their offense clicking and gaining those extra possessions. 

In the win Massa went 18-29 at the dot with a win percentage of 62%. 

The Swag Factor

Each week during the MLL season players either  pull up to the stadium dripping with swag or show off their style on the field with heat on their feat, custom gloves, etc.

The player with the most swag this week is actually a whole team. The Atlanta Blaze unveiled their new uniforms and they might be the best the league has ever seen. From the chrome lids to the red home jerseys and shorts the whole squad was swaged out from head to toe.

Atlanta’s road white uniforms that they also released looked just as good as the home red ones do. The Blaze’s swag also seemed to pay off on the scoreboard as they beat Denver 14-12.